7 tips for choosing a reliable snow removal contractor

Some snow removal contractors are better than others. The trick is to find one you can trust. Here are seven tips to keep in mind when choosing one you can count on when the snow starts to fall.

7 tips for choosing a reliable snow removal contractor


Some snow removal contractors are definitely more reliable than others.

  • But be aware that reliability means more than just showing up on time.
  • It means conducting your business in a professional manner.

1. Make sure they have the correct credentials

It’s important that their general liability insurance cover snow removal operations specifically.

  • All employees should be covered by the Workplace Safety & Insurance Board (WSIB), and the city should license your company if it’s required.
  • Vehicles must be registered. Ask for proof.

2. Make sure they keep good, thorough records

What if you run a business and one of your clients slips and falls, then later claims you’re at fault?

  • If your snow removal contractor keeps good records of the dates they provided service, what services were provided and by whom, you’re much less likely to be deemed legally at fault.

3. Make sure they’re available for snow removal from October 1 to April 15

Some contractors gamble on the fact that there won’t be snow before the end of October, and very often they’re completely wrong.

  • A good contractor will have equipment ready and waiting for the entire winter, able to cover those freak springtime blizzards.

4. Make sure they have the right equipment

Whether the contractor uses skid-steer loaders, snow blowers or plow trucks or all three, equipment should fit a variety of jobs – from clearing county roads to commercial parking lots to downhill driveway slopes.

  • Equipment should be well maintained in order to not only get the job done, but also to protect the safety of the operators.
  • Also, the contractor should keep back-up equipment in case requests for snow removal exceed the number of skid-steers or other equipment they own.

5. Make sure they’ll communicate with you

Whether by email, social media or another method, a good contractor will keep you informed on their progress and schedule for the day.

  • Many companies even record this information on their outgoing voice mail at the office so that when you call it, you’ll hear these important details.

6. Make sure they have references

This is a given. Always check references.

7. Make sure they don’t sub-contract out their work

After you’ve done all this work to secure the very most reliable, responsible snow removal contractor in the city – become a regular customer and expect to be treated like one.

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