7 tips to experience cultural events for less

The great thing about living in Canada is there is always something to do that's interesting. Painting the town red doesn't have to put you in the red, though! Here are seven tips that can help you save on cultural events and activities.

7 tips to experience cultural events for less

1. Take advantage of literary evenings

Look out for special events at nearby bookstores.

  • Many now host literary evenings or poetry events that are free or charge a nominal fee.
  • You could hear your favourite authors read their latest work or discover some exciting new writers.

2. Go to the theatre for less

To find cheap tickets for the opera, contact the venue to find out whether they are offering any special deals.

  • The easiest way to do this is to browse their website or phone their inquiry line before booking.
  • Some companies sell standby tickets to seniors and students at 50 percent off on the day of the performance.
  • Regular ticket prices range from $40 to $195, depending upon the production.

3. Symphony savings

Some of Canada's many good symphony orchestras offer as much as 20 percent off ticket prices for booking multiple events and may offer group discounts.

  • Many will also hold free concerts for special occasions or allow you to attend rehearsals free of charge.

4. Experience outdoor culture

Many local groups put on free or inexpensive events during the summer when audiences can be seated outdoors.

  • For example, cities across Canada, including Halifax, Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver, feature outdoor performances of many different plays for a nominal fee. Bring your own lawn chair!

5. Visit a music school

Many music schools allow observers to listen in on rehearsals for students, as well as giving free entrance to public recitals undertaken as part of their degree.

  • These are often of an exceptionally high standard and give a fascinating insight into music education.
  • Some offer musical series featuring top-notch students for next to nothing.

6. Explore public museums

Almost every Canadian museum or art gallery offers "free days," or at least a free evening.

  • Free evenings are usually after 4 p.m., and you'll be able to catch musical performances and demonstrations as well.
  • Montreal has a free museums day every spring, when free buses take visitors to 33 different venues.
  • Call your local museum to find out about free days.

7. Free art

Some art galleries offer free admission to the permanent collection any day of the week. While others set aside one evening a week for free visits.

  • Call your local gallery to find out what's available gratis.

Gain a new appreciation for your city by taking advantage of all the inexpensive culture it has to offer. You won't regret it!

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