7 tips for sending a gift abroad

October 17, 2014

It's great to give gifts, but if you're sending one abroad, be sure to familiarize yourself with these tips and tricks to ensure it arrives safely.

7 tips for sending a gift abroad

Whether your gift seems fragile or not, an overseas journey can be fraught with peril for any package. You spent the time and money to pick out the perfect gift - now make sure it gets there safely. Read on for seven smart tips on how to send a gift abroad safely.

1. Consider how long it will take to arrive

When you send a gift overseas, it may take a significant amount of time to get there. Before you buy a gift, make sure it isn't perishable. While items like chocolate are popular around the holidays, you may want to think twice if you're considering sending them on a long journey abroad.

2. Carefully mark your package as a gift in the shipping documentation

Many countries reserve a special entry status for gift shipments. It's well worth your time to carefully mark your package as a gift, along with a description of the contents. By doing so you can help ensure that your package is treated more carefully.

3. Pack with plenty of padding

Though most shipping companies will take care to protect packages, it's smart to make sure you include plenty of padding to be safe. If you don't want to purchase packing materials, you can recycle things such as newspapers or plastic grocery bags and use them to safely pad your gift.

4. Sending cash? Don’t make it obvious

It's not uncommon for cash to be sent abroad as a gift, but it's also highly valued and easily stolen. If you're planning to send money abroad, be careful how you do it. Inspect the envelope or package carefully to make sure cash isn't visible, and do not label the package with the contents.

5. Leak-proof containers when sending perfumes, creams or liquids

Even with the most careful packaging, it's still possible for a container to break in transit. If you're sending any kind of liquid or cream overseas, have consideration for others and take the precaution of leak-proofing the container.

6. Consider purchasing insurance

If the gift you're sending abroad is unique or particularly valuable, you may want to consider purchasing insurance before you ship it. It may not seem necessary now, but if something happens to your gift in transit, you'll be very grateful you had it insured.

7. Carefully mark the package with any instructions for carriers

The people handling your package have no way of knowing what you've sent, but if you take the time to indicate the contents, you may find they're better handled. Let your carrier know if the contents are fragile, or if they shouldn't be bent. If you do, the odds are much better they'll arrive to their destination safely.

By taking the time to properly pad, label and contain your gifts, you can ensure that it arrives at its destination safely and in one piece!

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