7 tips for worry-free travel with or without your pet

September 10, 2015

Your holiday will be anything but relaxing if you have to worry about your pets well-being while you're away. Here are seven solutions that will help you make the best decision for your pet while you're travelling.

7 tips for worry-free travel with or without your pet

1. Travelling across the pond

It's easy to find pet-friendly accommodation and restaurants in many place in Europe, as some European countries are known for their acceptance of pets everywhere.

  • Check with each country for its entry requirements and quarantines.
  • You can most likely count on needing microchipping and vaccinations, blood tests and a vet's certificate before making the journey.

2. Taking your pet across the border

Travelling with your pet by car is the cheapest and most convenient option.

  • To visit the United States, your pet will need vaccinations and a health certificate, which costs about $75,  and must be issued within 10 days prior to crossing the border.

3. Pets welcome here

There are many online resources that will help you find appropriate places for you and your pet to spend the night.

  • You can search online for "pet friendly travel" and should find a list of hotels, motels, resorts, vacation rentals, cottages, cabins, bed & breakfasts and other pet-friendly lodging across Canada.
  • You can also search travel tips, a pet travel checklist and a list of dog-friendly parks and trails. Narrow your search to a specific city, province or U.S. state, and you'll find far more choice.
  • Most travel guides also identify which accommodations permit pets.

4. Better boarding

In some cases, boarding may be the best option for dogs who need daily exercise and for pedigree animals where having a vet on-call is a service worth paying for.

  • Prices range between $15 and $40 per day, depending on the size of the animal.
  • You may be able to ask for a reduction in rates if you book well in advance, if you are a frequent customer or if you are boarding more than one animal.

5. Get recommendations

If possible, use a boarding service recommended by friends or seek the advice of your vet who should know of reputable local kennels.

  • Pet stores and pet grooming shops may also be able to steer you to reputable establishments.

6. Home away from home

If you'd rather allow your pet to stay in the comfort of their own neighbourhood, private services, where caregivers take animals into their own homes or come to yours, can cost as much as $30 to $40 per day.

7. See for yourself

Always visit a facility before deciding if it is the right place to leave your pet.

  • Make sure that it has proper temperature control, good lighting and ventilation, good bedding material, protection from the elements during all seasons and a safe exercise area.

Although travelling with your pet is easier than it used to be, it's still an expensive proposition and leaving your pet back home might be the better option. Use these tips to find a solution that works for you and have a better holiday knowing that your pet is in excellent hands.

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