70+ original and inspiring birthday gift and party ideas

October 16, 2014

Tired of giving the same old birthday gifts? Sick of throwing the same old party themes? Get inspired by this creative list of unique birthday gifts and party ideas sure to thrill the lucky recipient.

70+ original and inspiring birthday gift and party ideas

If your birthday celebrant doesn’t need another trinket taking up space on the mantel, or if that person is more special to you than a box of chocolates from the corner store, it's time to look for a birthday gift that accurately depicts how you feel. With a little thought, it's easy to give a gift and throw a party that reflects the person’s likes, hobbies, dreams and plans. Consider these can't-miss suggestions:

For the gourmet, a themed gift basket:

1. Organic foods

2. Sweets

3. Gourmet foods

4. Sushi/ethnic

5. Picnic

6. Themed (hockey, golf, fishing, baking, movies or photography)

7. Fruit

8. Chocolate

For the worldly, some culture:

9. Museum pass

10. Tickets to the opera

11. Tickets to the theatre

12. Tickets to plays

13. Tickets to symphony orchestra

14. Art class

For the thrill-seeking, an adventure:

15. Bungee jumping

16. Balloon ride

17. Parasailing

18. SCUBA diving

19. Camping trip

20. Trip to another city, province or country

21. Helicopter ride

22. Racecar driving experience

23. Sailing

24. Rock climbing

25. Theme park pass

For the eco-friendly, something green:

26. Hemp products, from clothing to accessories to hygiene products

27. Wildlife watching cruise

28. Donation to a relevant cause

For the socially responsible, culturally diverse ideas:

29. Donation to a First Nations cause

30. Gift made by artisans from First Nations tribes or developing countries

31. Gift from a nonprofit organization to help an impoverished family

For the bookworm, something geeky:

32. Science fiction gear

33. Their favourite show items

34. A novel collection

35. Band merchandise

36. Comic books

37. Video games

For the spiritual, something meaningful:

38. Books

39. Jewelry

40. Foods

41. Art

For the busy bee, a time-saver:

42. Landscaping service

43. Maid service

44. Chef service

45. Personal shopper

46. Laundry service

47. A night of babysitting

For the health-conscious, something healthful:

48. Organic foods

49. Gift certificate to a locally-owned health food store

50. Workout classes or a gym membership

For kids, a world of ideas (in order from baby to teen):

51. Baby diaper “cake”

52. Personalized holiday ornament

53. Handmade quilt (whether handmade or bought)

54. Personalized towels

55. Books or magazines

56. Blocks

57. Building sets

58. Personalized suitcase or weekend bag

59. Retro toys (mom and dad will get a kick out of it)

60. Magazine subscription or book of the month club

61. Autographed sports equipment

62. Children’s museum or attraction pass

Planning a party? Need a theme?

Here are a few ideas for unique celebrations:

63. Planetarium party

64. Movie theatre party

65. Murder mystery theatre party

66. Mini golf party

67. Beach party

68. Aquarium party

69. Museum party

70. Karaoke party

71. Sporting event party (hockey, baseball or soccer)

For kids

72. Digging for fossils in the sandbox

73. Safari party

74. Camp out in the backyard

75. Children’s museum party

76. Board game party

77. Cake decorating party

78. Mad scientist party (do simple experiments)

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