8 great "just because" gifts to treat yourself

October 16, 2014

You work hard and deserve something special. Find great gift ideas large and small to offer yourself for any special occasion.

8 great

Start small

Take a moment to treat yourself. Maybe you’ve finished a special project at work, maybe you ran an extra 10 minutes on the treadmill. Whatever it is, rewarding yourself to something small and special can brighten any day of the year.

1. Sweet treats

Visit your favourite local bakery and browse their selection. Maybe a slice of red velvet cake is exactly what the doctor ordered or perhaps you’re craving something full of chocolate. Take a moment from your busy day to enjoy every last crumb.

2. Open markets

Stay on the lookout for farmers’ markets and art fairs in your area. These are great opportunities to enjoy wonderful, locally raised produce and to check out the creative efforts of your neighbours. Open markets are perfect for finding handmade jewellery, beautiful paintings and so much more.

3. Gift box subscriptions

Monthly gift boxes are becoming more and more popular. By just paying a small fee, you’ll get a new gift box in the mail every month full of great products. Browse online to find the type of gift boxes that fit your style: you’ll find gift boxes devoted to teas and coffees from around the world, some to makeup and beauty products, and even gift boxes geared toward your dog or cat!

You deserve something more

You’ve just gotten a raise or come into a little bit of extra money. This could be the perfect opportunity to treat yourself with something slightly more expensive, but definitely more rewarding!

4. New wardrobe

Start fresh and dedicate some of your extra income to new clothes. Maybe you got a promotion with your raise and you’re in need of some more clothes for the office. Maybe you’ve had your eye on the perfect coat—now’s the time to make it yours.

5. New appliances

Does your oven take way too long to pre-heat? Is your dishwasher leaving dishes dirtier than when you put them in? Consider what you could invest in to make your life just a little simpler. Visit local shops, compare prices and enjoy an efficient, hassle-free life.

6. New pet

Visit a local shelter or pet store and make friends with a new animal! Extra companionship from a pet can be a rewarding, long-lasting gift for yourself and provide an animal with shelter and love. Whether you want a dog, cat, iguana or parrot, a new pet can be one of the best gifts to give yourself.

The bigger the better

Rewarding yourself isn’t selfish: it can be a prudent investment and help you explore the world. If you’re ready for the reward of your life, bigger is always better.

7. Go big and go home

Finished with apartment life? Perhaps one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself is an investment in real estate. Browse listings in your area to find out about what kind of properties you’re interested in. Speak with a local mortgage lender and realtor to begin your search.

8. Tickets to paradise

See the world and make new friends by travelling to an exotic location. Maybe you’ve always been a fan of English literature and want to see historic sites and regions in person. Maybe you’ve dreamt of taking a culinary tour of China. Research prices online and plan your great escape today.

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