8 hints for healthy snacks for dogs and cats

Many commercial pet foods do not contain antioxidants, but these are found in some fruits and vegetables. Here are 8 hints for how you can use fruit and vegetable snacks to give your dog or cat a natural health boost.

8 hints for healthy snacks for dogs and cats

Making snack time healthier

  1. Grate or slice small slivers of carrots and apples into your cat's food. Fruits and vegetables are good for your pet's waistline and great for keeping teeth clean and breath fresh. Dogs will also eat them readily.
  2. Provide wheatgrass for your cat to chew on if it doesn't have access to a garden. Grass stimulates a cat's immune system, helps sweeten its breath and helps it regurgitate fur balls.
  3. Grow catmint (also known as catnip) or parsley in pots and place them on a windowsill. They're both good sources of fibre for your cat.
  4. Try giving your dog or cat cooked pumpkin – it's an excellent source of fibre and vitamins.
  5. Add a small quantity of raw vegetables to your cat's diet. Cats fed a meat-only diet are more likely to suffer from renal failure in old age.
  6. Slice vegetables thinly or lightly cook them to aid your pet's digestion. This mimics the way vegetables are eaten by dogs and cats in the wild – partly digested from the stomach of their prey. Large, raw chunks will pass straight through the gut with little benefit to the animal.
  7. Serve vegetables in small portions to avoid flatulence.
  8. If you choose to feed your dog a vegetarian diet, consult your vet to ensure it is getting all the nutrients it needs.

Top tip

See if your cat or dog will eat a little broccoli, Brussels sprouts or cauliflower. These vegetables contain compounds that stimulate the body's natural defences to help it neutralize cancer-causing compounds.

  • Lightly cook the vegetables first before adding them to your pet's meal.

Many dogs and cats like eating fruits and vegetables, so why not give them a tasty treat that is also good for their health!

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