8 in-demand features home buyers are looking for in 2021

August 6, 2021

Canada’s residential real estate market is hot right now; single-family homes for sale are attracting multiple offers and generating bidding wars among competitive buyers whose lifestyles and priorities have shifted as a result of the pandemic. Many Canadians are moving outside of major cities searching for new homes that offer more square footage, larger outdoor spaces, and multi-purpose zones that function for both work and play.

8 in-demand features home buyers are looking for in 2021

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If you’re planning to put your house on the market in the coming months, here are some top features and post-pandemic home renovations that will generate lots of interest in your property and motivate prospective buyers to bid over-asking.

1. Main floor bathroom: According to a recent Zolo: Home Buyers Survey, a main-floor bathroom was the most important feature for Canadian homebuyers, with 71% of respondents indicating it was either a need or a want when looking at a new home. An accessible toilet on the ground floor provides added convenience for homeowners – especially those who are elderly or have mobility issues – plus it prevents guests from travelling upstairs for a bathroom break.

2. Private outdoor space: Canadians are spending more time at home this year, which means they want a safe and secluded open-air oasis to call their own. A private outdoor space is a must-have for many homeowners, whether that’s a screened-in deck or patio, a grassy lawn, or a manicured garden. Creating additional privacy in your backyard with creative landscaping, fences, and attractive awnings can make your home stand out from similar residential properties for sale in your neighbourhood.

3. Storage space: Homeownership comes with a lot of stuff. When viewing homes for sale, buyers want functional, out-of-site storage options, which means having a garage, shed, basement and plenty of closet space can add serious value to your home. Prospective buyers also appreciate creative storage solutions that reduce clutter and maximize the home’s square footage – think closet organizers, built-in shelving and bookcases, and concealed pantries.
4. Updated kitchens: With more people cooking at home during the pandemic, homeowners are looking for spacious, modern kitchens where they can flex their culinary skills – and this sought-after home feature is almost equally important among both men and women, according to Zolo. At-home chefs place a premium on updated cabinetry, chic marble and granite countertops, and high-end appliances like steam ovens.


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5. Energy-efficient upgrades: Eco-friendly retrofits like new windows and upgraded insulation are signs of a home that’s well-maintained and will appeal to buyers who want to reduce energy bills. The new Canada Greener Homes Grant can help offset the cost of small fixes and renovations to make your home more energy efficient before you sell.
6. Spa-like bathrooms: With limited access to personal care services since the start of the pandemic, Canadians are recreating their favourite wellness experiences at home. A remodelled bathroom with underfloor heating, a curb-free shower, oversized soaker tub, vanity lighting, and high-end tiles and fixtures will recreate that tranquil spa vibe.
7. New paint: Painting interior walls a light, neutral colour is a simple way to update your home before you list. Most Canadians prefer not to take on a big project when buying a new home; a clean, freshly painted interior in a universally appealing colour like off-white or grey will make your house feel like a blank canvas that’s move-in ready.
8. Exterior lighting: Functional outdoor lighting gives your house great curb appeal for prospective buyers, who often revisit properties after dark when looking at homes for sale. Spotlights are a tasteful way to illuminate landscaping, while entrance and driveway lights provide added safety and security by keeping pathways well-lit.


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