8 reasons to use a self-storage service

December 19, 2014

Need some extra space? Between homes? Your life is in transition in more ways than one? The reasons for using a self storage service for the short, medium or long term are as varied as your projects.

You can store your belongings or extra inventory in a unit that’s just the right size and that you can gain access to any time of day or night. Let’s look at the most common storage requirements and see if any of them suit your needs.

1. Your condo is crowded

You love the urban setting and the open-concept layout, but darn it all, there’s just not enough room for your stuff. Put an end to this storage dilemma by boxing up your old photo albums and the kids’ old toys and keep them in a small self-storage unit. They’ll be out of the way but not gone forever.

2. You’re having home renovations done

Protect your furniture and home decor items while the renovators are creating clouds of dust throughout your home. You can also rent a storage unit for any building materials you’ve stockpiled and are waiting to put to use.

3. You put your home up for sale

Home staging can help you sell your home faster and for more money. Place a more zen-like home on the market by storing your old holiday souvenirs and heirloom pieces of furniture until the sale is made.

4. You have a lot of seasonal equipment

Freeing up some space in the basement or garage is another good reason to use a self storage service. In the summer, put away your winter tires, skis, snowboards, sleds, shovels and snowblower. During the winter, store your camping equipment, garden furniture, barbecue, golf bag, pool accessories, bikes, kayak and lawnmower.

5. You’re between two moves

You sold your home but the new house isn’t yet ready to move into? A mini-storage warehouse can lease you a unit big enough to contain the complete furnishings of your home.

6. You need a place for your commercial inventory or archives

Mini-storage services are an ideal solution for businesses and self-employed people who have to keep voluminous paper records or reserves of extra stock. In your storage unit you can keep whole filing cabinets, boxes of documents or inventory, and you can access them any time.

7. You’re going abroad temporarily

Whether you’re going away for a few months or years, you can store your furniture and personal belongings in a heated mini-warehouse that’s well ventilated and secure.

8. You need a safe place to park a vehicle

Some mini-storage services have secure outdoor or indoor parking areas for RVs, cars, motorcycles, boats, personal watercraft, ATVs and trailers.

8 reasons to use a self-storage service
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