8 smart ways to get out on the town for less

September 9, 2015

Being social can be a lot of fun, but it can also be heavy on the wallet. Here are eight smart ways to experience everything your city has to offer, without having to spend a lot.

8 smart ways to get out on the town for less

1. Cheap movie tickets

Whether you are a dedicated film buff or an occasional moviegoer, there are ways you can see a film for far less than the full price.

  • For movies starting before 6 p.m. or sometimes before noon on weekends, tickets can cost between half to a third less than the standard price.
  • Find your local movie theatre online to see if they offer any discount days.
  • Cereal boxes and local newspapers frequently offer coupons for discounted or free movie tickets, popcorn or other refreshments. Take advantage of them: a $4 movie discount could about cover the cost of the cereal.

2. Discounted excursions

Many entertainment organizations offer discounts to members, so if you already belong to any of them, take advantage of your entitlement. If not, you may find it worthwhile joining.

3. Go with a group and save

  • Save 20%–50% on ticket prices, while staying socially active, by forming a group of people.
  • Contact the venue to check its policy on group booking: the number of people needed to qualify as a group and the discount applied vary.
  • To assemble people, try placing an ad on the notice board of your local club, school or organization.

4. Consider joining a coach tour

If you can't find a large enough group to qualify for big discounts, try joining a coach tour.

  • Check your local paper or information centre for offers. The benefits? Transport costs, parking fees and show tickets are included in the price.
  • The whole package often costs the same as or less than the price of a ticket alone.

5. The rewards of loyalty

Exchange loyalty points from frequent-flyer or frequent-buyer programs to purchase tickets to local attractions, like water parks, theme parks and movies, to name a few.

6. Visit the Parliament buildings

Canadian residents can participate in free guided tours, which are available every day at times when the House of Commons is not sitting. (When the House is sitting, you can still watch the proceedings from the public galleries on your own.)

  • Groups of under 10 people can simply show up at the visitor's centre for regular tours, but groups of 10 or more must book in advance.
  • For further information, go to www.parl.gc.ca and click on Free Tours.

7. Support your local players

Save on the cost of attending a big show by supporting the smaller fringe groups and good local theatre.

  • Amateur dramatic societies often give outstanding performances for a fraction of the price of the professional ones.
  • Your local paper and library notice boards will have announcements about performances.

8. See your city for less

Want to be a tourist in your own city? Buy a city pass for free or reduced-price access.

  • City passes can give you access to dozens of museums and other attractions around your city at a relatively inexpensive price.
  • They can be valid for a few days or more than a week.
  • Find out what your city pass offers online and make sure to ask about reduced-prices.

Inexpensive entertainment doesn't mean sacrificing quality. Visit some great attractions alone or with friends without spending a bundle— what are you waiting for?

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