8 steps to choosing a new mattress

November 6, 2014

Is your mattress sagging? Are you waking up with body aches? It's likely a new mattress will cure those issues, so follow these eight steps to choose the best mattress for you.

8 steps to choosing a new mattress

1. Decide what you need

What kind of mattress would you prefer?

  • Firm, soft or in-between?
  • What size?

The most basic of mattresses is the innerspring mattress. As you navigate the choices, you will see various types, such as memory foam mattresses.

Jot down a list of the most important features you want in a mattress and take it with you to the store.

2. Choose in the store

When it comes to mattresses, there is no substitute for actually feeling the mattress and lying down on it.

  • Check out a good variety of mattresses in-person to ensure you pick the right one.

Allow plenty of time to consider and test out different mattresses. This is a purchase you are going to use more than anything else in your home.

  • When you lie down on the mattress, pay attention to your body's alignment in different positions.

3. Name brands might not help

Mattress manufacturers make slight variations in styles and sell to different brands under different names.

  • Name brands don't matter as much as comfort, the right firmness and price.

4. Never pay full price

Mattress stores are famous for sales.

  • Note the name, brand and serial number of the mattress that interests you and check out other stores.
  • You can also wait for sales or bargains, which change from week to week.

5. Comfort guarantees and warranties

It's going to cost you, but a comfort guarantee can be the difference between sleeping peacefully through the night versus tossing about.

Be careful with warranties, since these are only valid for defects in workmanship and not normal wear and tear.

6. Determine if your box spring needs to be replaced

If your box spring or bed frame is not cracked or warped and is otherwise in good condition, consider keeping it to save yourself a few hundred dollars.

7. Pay attention to return policies

In addition to return policies, see if the trial period, restocking fees and pick-up or delivery fees are to your satisfaction.

8. Leave the tag on

No, you won't get the police at your door if you remove this tag, but the "Do Not Remove Under Penalty of Law" tag can protect you in the event of a problem. No tag on your new mattress? Do not buy it.

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