8 stress-free ways to preparing for moving day

Moving day can be a stressful time. To make the move as painless as possible, here are eight ways to streamline your worldly goods and plan each step of the way.

8 stress-free ways to preparing for moving day

1. Get rid of anything you no longer need

Take an objective look at what can be sold and what can be donated. What you don't need should be thrown away. Otherwise, you'll waste time, energy and money packing it and having it carted to your new home.

  • Allow plenty of time to make these decisions.

2. Find the best moving company

Contact moving companies to get estimates.

  • Ask about extras that may make the process easier for you.
  • Movers sometimes offer packing services or sell packing supplies.

3. Moving yourself?

Reserve a truck, if needed, at least a month before your moving date — earlier if you're moving during the peak season (May to September).

  • Ask about insurance and liability when you call.
  • Check your own auto policy; some cover rental trucks or offer insurance riders that will insure your possessions in transit.
  • Before packing, make a list of what you're moving and how much it's worth; you'll need this list later if you need to submit an insurance claim.
  • Reserve ropes, dollies, furniture ties, padded straps, blankets and pads from the truck-rental company.

4. Get organized

Start central files or folders for move-related documents and your new location.

  • Collect receipts, as you may be able to claim them as a tax deduction.
  • Request information on schools, parks and recreation, community calendars and maps.

5. How to pack efficiently

As you begin to pack, mark each box with the room where it is to go and a numbering system that tells you how important it is to open each box.

  • Pack the seldom used items first.
  • Save the essential items for last and mark these "Load last. Open first."
  • List specific contents, too, so you can find what you need without too much searching.
  • Label which boxes contain breakable items.

6. Get your mail sent to the right address

Notify the post office, friends and family, the publishers of magazines to which you subscribe and credit card companies of your new address well in advance of the move.

7. Last minute reminders

You can make life easier on this hectic day by doing some or all of the following:

  • Contact the utilities in your old location and your new one so that you can stop service in the one and start service in the other on moving day.
  • Plan your grocery shopping so that you have as little as possible on hand.
  • Arrange to keep pets out of the way. Place your dog or cat in the home of a willing neighbour or kennel for a day or two.
  • If you are driving a rental moving truck, have the number of the rental company handy when you pull out of the driveway. That way, you can call if you have problems along the way.
  • Monitor the unloading process carefully. Appoint one person to check items off the inventory list as they're unloaded and have somebody else direct the movers on where to place the items.
  • Plan to take your time unpacking. Arranging and organizing your household should not happen all at once. Instead, take a week or two and do it right.

8. Moving day

When the big day arrives, review the paperwork with the mover sand take inventory as each piece is loaded onto the truck.

  • If the move is over a long distance, verify when the truck will arrive and plan to be there when it does.
  • Roll up all bed linens from the beds and pack them in a "Load last. Open first" box.
  • Finish packing the suitcases and loading the car.

Preparation is key in creating a stress-free moving day. Follow these simple tips to help the move go as quickly and smoothly as possible.

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