8 problem-solving services towing companies offer

January 29, 2015

Beyond standard tows, towing companies offer many services that are helpful in a pinch. Discover the many surprising ways they can get you back on the road.
Some of the most common troubleshooting services provided by towing companies include:

8 problem-solving services towing companies offer

1. Changing a tire

If you experience a flat tire or a blowout and don’t know how to install a spare, a tow truck operator can do it for you. If you don’t have a spare tire with you, they’ll tow you to the garage of your choice or tow you home.

2. Fuel delivery

Did you run out of gas? Not a problem! It’s not worth risking your safety by walking along the side of the road looking for a gas station when you could just call a towing service instead. Most towing companies will offer to pick up and deliver a small amount of gas to re-fuel your car. It will be enough to get you back on the road and to the nearest service station.

3. Unlocking doors

Who among hasn't, at one time or another, accidentally locked their keys in the car? If this happens, a tow truck has the equipment to easily unlock your door for you.

4. Getting stuck

If you get stuck in the mud, snow or slide into a ditch, a tow truck will pull you out and get you going again.

5. Jump start

Batteries function at a lower capacity in extremely cold temperatures, and as a result motorists get stranded when their car won’t start. If no one else has jumper cables, you can call a towing company for a boost.

6. Minor repairs

Other minor repairs, such as re-connecting parts, can be done on site and preclude you from having to tow your car to the garage. Many tow truck drivers are also experienced mechanics.

7. Towing recreational vehicles

Tow trucks frequently help people who get stranded on their snowmobile, motorcycle or ATV.

8. Specialized towing

Heavy-duty tow trucks provide specialized towing services, which are not limited to towing and recovering: Heavy vehicles and industrial equipment; luxury cars and limousines; boats and small planes; emergency response vehicles; buses and motor homes.

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