8 things to do for Mother's Day in Edmonton

May 5, 2017

By Gene Kosowan

While Mother’s Day can sometimes see the other half frantically rushing out the door to get the requisite flowers and candy, there are a few other proactive ways to do something nice for Mom. From a classy brunch to productions she’ll love, here’s 8 things to do this Mother’s Day in Edmonton. [Photo credit: istockphoto.com/pixelfit]

8 things to do for Mother's Day in Edmonton

Get her some flowers

You don’t have to limit yourself to just roses when it comes to getting flowers for Mom. Mix them up, use your imagination or get a florist to work out an arrangement for you. Edmonton boasts no shortage of local florists, but here’s five for starters – Flowers by Merle, Best Buds, Kuhlmann’s Florals, Petals for Less and Zocalo.

Take her out to brunch

Hit the road for some brunch, but avoid the generic buffet style of hospitality and take great pains not to venture into greasy spoon territory. Daravara, Normand’s Bistro, Blue Plate Diner, Madison’s Grill and La Boheme all offer variations on the traditional brunch that frequently waver from the standard bacon, eggs and pancake fare.

Mother's Day at the Muttart

There’s hardly a Mom out there who isn’t wild about plants, which makes a visit to the Muttart Conservatory extra special on Mother’s Day. Three pyramids lie within a few dozen steps of each other, taking visitors to a different part of the planet – each with its own unique vegetation. The fourth pyramid changes themes frequently, and for dear Mom, it’s a cluster of hydrangeas commemorating Shakespearean Love. If that isn’t enough, take in the classy restaurant in the lobby or get a mini-massage.

Women's Hands Building a Nation

The focus of this exhibition is on how women contributed to the building of civilization north of the 49th, while men were out exploring and hunting. The domestic achievements ensured family and social stability, and as evidence of the skills needed, the Alberta Craft Council has available for perusal an assortment of rugs, quilts and other textile works.


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Mother's Day at the Valley Zoo

Mom gets the special treatment at the Valley Zoo on her that special day, with the opportunity to visit the Canada 150 tulip garden or get some edible treats and gifts for the occasion. Keep the kids occupied with a chance to check out the animals or take in some magic shows, live music or get an airbrushed tattoo.

Sense and Sensibility

If there’s one thing you don’t want to have on Mother’s Day, it’s drama. So let other folks handle that for you – namely, the cast of the Citadel Theatre production of Sense and Sensibility. This adaptation of Jane Austen’s classic novel takes the audience back to Victorian times to examine the plight of Elinor and Marianne Dashwood, who become destitute when their father dies and leaves his entire fortune to his first-born son.

Caoimhe and the Four Elements

Dancing an Irish jig isn’t for everyone on Mother’s Day, but for those who think a ceilidh is appropriate, there’s Edmonton’s own Knock Irish Dancers at the Winspear. Totally geared towards family-friendliness, the ensemble from the Knock School of Irish Dance will showcase the best of the 120 students it has registered annually. On Mother’s Day, the students will present their take on a story about a fairy who wants to become human after falling in love with one. Local singer-songwriters Jimmy Whiffen and Jake Buckley add their own take to the evening.

Given that Mother’s Day is a celebration that’s more than a century old, it’s a surprise that some still struggle with the protocol. But if you follow any of these ideas, chances are you’ll have dear Mom satisfied with that special day from sunrise to sunset.

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