8 tips for becoming a more social senior

Nourishing a rich social life can be a challenge at any age but is even more work as you get older. An action plan and an enthusiastic attitude. can reap rewards so keep these tips in mind for a great social life.

8 tips for becoming a more social senior

1. Hold a dinner party

When was the last time you invited four people over for dinner? Once, dinner parties were a natural part of life. But over time, they've become less common. Whether or not you’re a gourmet cook doesn’t matter. What’s important is the opportunity to sit at a table together, not feel rushed and to talk freely over a glass of wine and a plate of food.

2. Learn a new game

Chess, poker, bridge, mah-jong, billiards and darts are all great choices. Sitting around a table with friends and jovially playing a game for a few hours is one of the best things you can do for your health. Make it a twice-a-week ritual.

3. Join or start a club

Like to drink wine? Check with your local wine store. They'll have information on wine groups in your community. If not, put a flyer up in the store offering to start one. The store will probably even host the first meeting.

The key here is to take something you already enjoy like tasting wine, solving puzzles, scrapbooking, knitting, swimming, fishing, woodworking or gardening and turn it from a solitary activity into a social one. The wine club formula works for nearly any hobby.

4. Meet your neighbours

If you know your postman better than you know the lady you've lived next door to for six years it’s time to make a change. Bake a plate of cookies and ring your neighbour’s doorbell, throw a barbecue for a few neighbouring households, organize a block party, or start a neighbourhood newsletter, in print or online, to get to know the people surrounding you

5. Develop ritual with others

We know one couple who always hosts an Academy Awards dinner. Another celebrates the first sighting of the spring daffodils with an open house, and a third has an autumn leaf-raking, spiked-cider cookout that's a must on every calendar in the neighbourhood.

These activities keep you connected with people in your life, provide pleasurable activities to plan for, and ensure that you'll have regular opportunities for meeting new people. Even better, tell your guests to bring firend.

6. Seek out your connections

If you want to get the most from your relationships, quality is better than quantity. To find the time to focus on the best relationships, weed out the people who suck energy and joy from your life.

7. Commit to friendships which are working

Instead of being vague about next meetings get out your diary and commit to a date. If you put things off, you might never meet your friends.

8. Have coffee outside

Instead of drinking your coffee at home alone, have it in the company of the "regulars" at your local coffee shop. The social scene will cheer you up and set you off on the right step for the day.

Easy steps for a full social life

Keeping a full diary with people whose company you enjoy takes a bit of effort but you’ll be enjoying arranging get-togethers in no time. These 8 steps will help you keep loneliness at bay and enjoy all of your social contacts.

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