8 tips for eating healthily on a budget

October 13, 2015

With the know-how to uncover all of the cheap whole foods and raw ingredients available at your supermarket, it becomes easy to master the art of healthy shopping on a budget. Here are eight tips. 

8 tips for eating healthily on a budget

1. Check out your supermarket's grocery flyer

  • In the newspaper, in the store itself or featured on the supermarket website is where you'll find all the healthiest items on sale. In your own time, be sure to browse the numerous items featured on the flyer and you'll save a great deal of money identifying what's being sold healthy and cheap.
  • In this instance, refrain from selecting what you "feel like." Instead, go for what looks good for you.

2. Peruse your fridge and pantry

  • Go through everything you have and scribble down everything you really need.
  • If you've got something that'll still last you a while, cross it off the shopping list and avoid throwing it away. It really is amazing how much good and healthy food people waste, while splurging on expensive food that isn't even necessary.

3. Forget about packaged health foods

  • In every supermarket, you'll come across a whole bunch of packaged products reaching out to the shoppers who really care about being healthy. But a myriad of research shows that this just isn't economically viable for some people. These products do have benefits, but last a couple of days at most.
  • Go for healthy whole foods as well as seasonings that do cost quite a bit but will last for months and months.

4. Plan your meals

  • Before writing a shopping list, plan your meals for the next week and let that help you determine what you absolutely need.
  • If you step into the supermarket without a pre-planned week of meals, you'll end up spending money on what your impulses tell you that you want, such as comfort foods (which most often aren't healthy) and other things that you don't need and that will rack up the price of the supermarket trip.

5. Choose wisely

  • Decide which health food products work for a variety of different dishes that will keep you satisfied all week.
  • Opt for Greek yogurt, which lends you multiple healthy options in the kitchen - from tzatziki sauce to smoothies.
  • Or how about a bag of potatoes? Potato pie, Spanish omelet, baked potatoes with tuna... the list is endless.

6. Know what not to buy

  • If you're trying to be healthy and economical, the produce section of a supermarket may be the place for you. However, keep in mind that there are some products that are significantly more expensive than others, while offering the same health benefits. Fresh berries, for example, just don't lend themselves to the budget shopper. So, if you want to make a killer smoothie, you could replace berries with apples and bananas.

7. Shop online

  • Sometimes, shopping online doesn't just save time and money, it can also force shoppers to stick to their plans and not be lured into the snack-food and dessert sections.
  • By shopping online, you have a very clear layout which will allow you to select exactly what you've included as part of your pre-arranged weekly plan.

8. Make use of leftovers

  • You'll be amazed by how much food is thrown away daily. Making use of what is still in the fridge serving it for lunch the next day is the perfect way to prolong your week's shopping; recycle healthy ingredients and save a great deal of money.


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