8 tips to get a great sleep tonight

July 28, 2015

Falling asleep quickly sounds like one of the most natural and easiest things to do, but for many it's one of life's greatest challenges. Try these quick tricks to help you drift off into lullaby land.

8 tips to get a great sleep tonight

1. Follow the 20-minute rule

If you don't fall asleep within 20 minutes, get up and do something boring.

  • Taking a few minutes to pay bills, dust or doodle until you're tired might just help you snooze.
  • If you stay in bed, tossing and turning, you might just get frustrated and delay sleep even more.

2. Think about your toes

Everything you've heard about focusing on one relaxing thought to calm your mind and help you sleep is true.

  • Concentrate on relaxing your toes or your fingers or your jaw, and think about keeping them at rest. Your mind will stop spinning and wind down into sleep.

3. Pretend it's morning

Snuggle deep into your bed, just as you would if you were sleeping in on a rainy weekend.

  • If you aim for a few extra minutes of luxurious morning sleep, you may be able to trick yourself into several hours of deep nighttime sleep.

4. Find a way to unwind

Find an activity that soothes you, such as taking a warm bath, listening to your favourite music or knitting. Just be sure to choose something you can enjoy for 15 to 30 minutes that will calm both your body and your mind.

5. Commit to an electronics-free zone

By keeping your smartphone, tablet, computer and TV out of the bedroom, you can focus on using your room simply for relaxation, leading to a better night's sleep.

  • If you're using your electronics before bed, be sure to shut things down 30 minutes before you hope to nod off.

6. Try something wacky to fall asleep

Why not try harmless tricks that work for others? Some claim that counting backward, sleeping with a hot water bottle, or even sleeping with their head pointed north can help them drift off.

7. Create the perfect sleeping environment

Make your bedroom conducive to sleep by keeping it quiet, dark, cool and comfortable.

  • Try earplugs to block noise, or a white noise machine to mask it.
  • Use eye shades, blackout shades or curtains to block out light.
  • Cover your bed with extra blankets, the right pillow and mattress so you're cool and comfortable.

8. See your doctor

Your doctor can help determine if any prescription drugs you may be taking are interfering with your sleep and can be replaced with less disruptive alternatives.

Getting a good night's rest every night is crucial to feeling happy and healthy. If you're starting at the clock more than being in dreamland, try some of these quick tricks to help you drift off.

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