Brighten your look with a new hair colour

November 18, 2013

Don’t leave anything to chance when it comes to hair colour. Get your touch-ups done by a professional hair colourist—she is a truly talented artist.

Brighten your look with a new hair colour

Nobody likes unpleasant surprises. When you get your hair touched up, you want a carefully chosen hair colour that gives you a radiant glow rather than the look of a clown. The proper hair colour for you has to blend perfectly with your complexion and your eyes, and not the colour of your lawn! But taking your chances at home always leaves room for a bad dye job. That is why it’s always advisable to entrust your hair to a hair colour expert.


The colourist has the know-how to discern the shade that flatters you the most, whether it’s a warm or cool tone and whether you need it in your full length or just in highlights. He or she should use high performance, ammonia-free products that are comfortable on the scalp, without unpleasant odours, and that provide long-lasting shine and luminosity.

A warm or cool shade?

Where hair colour is concerned, an essential question needs to be asked: should you use a warm or cool shade? For best results, your stylist will see to it that your new colouring is complimentary to your skin and eye colour.

  • Warm shades: gold, copper, auburn, hazel, mahogany, chestnut and red.

These best suit women with eyes that are golden brown, hazel, greenish-blue or green with golden flecks. They match complexions with hints of yellow, peach or orange and whose appearance is enhanced by gold-toned clothing and accessories.

  • Cool shades: ash, pearl, bluish or purplish highlights and black.

These enhance the looks of women whose eyes are black, greyish blu or dark brown with white or grey flecks. They match complexions that are olive or very light to very dark brown, without any redness, and whose appearance is enhanced by silver-toned accessories.

Yikes, grey hair!

Have you found your first grey hairs yet? Let it be said that grey hair does have its charm and doesn’t always have to be covered up. It’s entirely up to you to wear your grey hair with confidence. In fact, grey hair has never been trendier: think of George Clooney, who is always referred to as one of our most appealing celebrities, or think of young stars such as Rihanna, Lady Gaga and Kelly Osbourne, all of whom have dared to wear grey hair, despite their young ages.

However, if your grey is tinged with yellow, or if obvious signs of ageing don’t correspond to the image you wish to project, hair colour is the perfect solution for you. Grey hair may tend to resist hair colour, which is why it is important to choose specialty products that are available in beauty salons. Experts recommend choosing a shade one or two tones lighter than your natural colour. Darker hair colour generally has the effect of bringing out wrinkles and fine lines, and that’s surely not the effect you are looking for.

A winning investment

To ensure that you’re in style, make an appointment with a hair colour specialist. It is an investment that will keep you well away from nasty surprises—who wants one of those greenish blond or coppery brown disasters that can happen with a home-job?

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