Hair care tips for every season

November 18, 2013

Tired of the humid-weather frizz or wintery static wildness in your hair? Here are a few hair care tips for magnificent hair all year round.

Hair care tips for every season

Just like your skin, hands and feet, your hair needs to be looked after properly all year round. While some hair care can be done at home, using cosmetic counter hair care products, other richly deserved beauty treatments are only available in hair salons. Whatever choice you make, these hair care tips from a professional can guide you in the purchase of suitable products so you can have healthy tresses all year round.

Spring: Shine

Don’t we all just love springtime? Flowers come back to life and so does your hair. It’s had a tough time over the winter and now it’s time to follow a few restorative hair care tips. To revive your locks, think food supplements. Products rich in zinc and vitamin B6 will help to give shine and volume to your hair and stimulate growth. What’s more, spring is a great time of year to change your hairstyle. A shorter cut will eliminate dry, split ends caused by cold winter weather, and why not try a new colour at the same time? Your hairdresser will be able to suggest a style that really suits you and will give you some great hair care tips for home.

Summer: Protection

Hair should always be protected from exposure to UV rays during the summer. Too much exposure to the sun while you’re enjoying your favourite outdoor activities can damage the keratin in your hair. For that reason, it’s always advisable to wear a hat when you’re outside. You’ll also find hair care products in stores that are specifically designed for this purpose, particularly hair oils that protect your hair just as sun screen protects your skin. For those with coloured hair, use a moisturizing product or an enriching shampoo. Chlorine in pools and salt water tend to fade hair colour. Before plunging into the water, apply a deep-conditioning hair mask, and after your swim, rinse your hair with clean water first, then shampoo and apply a gentle conditioner.

Fall: Prevention

Increased hair loss in the fall is not an urban legend. This is nothing to be alarmed about, however; it’s just a result of your hair being exposed to the sun’s rays during the summer. All the same, it is important to forestall this hair loss as soon as fall arrives. Look for hair care treatments that will ensure healthy regrowth. For oily hair, the use of a gentle shampoo and a scalp treatment containing sea salt, for example, will be beneficial. As for dry hair, a treatment with essential oils will help to revitalize your hair. A scalp massage will also improve blood circulation. Your hairdresser will be able to give you some more fall hair care tips, as well as advice on the best products for you.

Winter: Moisturize

The winter season is as tough on your hair as it is on your skin. Moreover, the frequent use of a hairdryer can weaken hair fibres, making the regular use of moisturizing treatments an absolute essential. Hair masks are a great solution for dry hair. They need to be left on the hair for a longer period of time, but they provide the deep conditioning so necessary in our cold climate.

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