A few things to know about buying garage doors

December 5, 2013

Garage doors are a key element in beautifying a home’s exterior. There are a number of dealers who can help you choose the perfect one.

Whether it’s a new house or you would like to give your current home a new look, changing the garage door will enrich the façade enormously. Thankfully, there has never been such a variety of different garage doors available to consumers.

Countless styles

Gone are the days when you had to be satisfied with choosing from only a few different materials and styles. Now, garage door retailers offer a great variety of choice. And it’s well worth the trouble of taking the time to choose your model carefully, as a garage door often takes up to 30 per cent of a house’s façade.

What’s more, a well-chosen garage door significantly increases the value of your property and gives your home a great deal of cachet. Those are great assets when the time comes to sell.

Which material

Choosing the right garage door starts with deciding on the material. Wood, steel, or aluminum: it’s up to you to select the one which corresponds best to your taste, the style of your home, the use you’ll make of the garage, and, of course, your budget.

  • Wood. This material is more resistant than steel, but a wooden garage door needs regular maintenance (painting or staining) to ensure its longevity and preserve its undeniable charm.
  • Steel. These garage doors are available in different thicknesses or gauges, and their resistance to scratches and dents varies. This material offers a classic look at an affordable price.
  • Aluminum. Light and resistant to rust, these doors are perfect for modern homes.

Numerous designs

Once you’ve selected the material, you’ll now have to choose from among a huge range of panel designs—short, long, raised, or inlayed—to create styles ranging from colonial, country, and Victorian, to modern.

After this, you’ll have to select some hinges and handles from among a vast selection of models. And don’t forget about the window options, which include half-circles, wide panels, glass, frosted glass, or textured finish glass.

An insulated garage door is a priority

The way you use your garage is also a key factor in your choice. If yours serves as a workshop or even as an extra storage room, an insulated garage door is a must.

Insulation soundproofs the garage, helps to prevent temperature changes in adjacent rooms, and improves the security of your home. The addition of weather-stripping keeps debris out.

Never without a professional

It is extremely important to have your garage door installed by a technician from an established company that has proven expertise in putting in all the major makes of doors. All you have to do is look in the telephone book or on an Internet directory to find a trusted professional.

A few things to know about buying garage doors
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