A gardener's guide to beautiful plants & flowers

July 28, 2015

Plants add beauty to our homes and gardens, but they can seem like a challenge. Here's how to keep your home bursting with colour and fragrance without sucking your wallet dry.

A gardener's guide to beautiful plants & flowers

DIY supply

  • The best bargain flowers are homegrown, so plant them in your garden if you can.
  • Depending on what region of the country you are in, you could have free blooms six months of the year.
  • Cut flowers from the garden just before they're in full bloom. That way they will open indoors and you will need to replace them less frequently.
  • Pansies are easy to grow and come in a glorious choice of colours. Plus, the more you cut, the more they flower.

Flowers while-u-shop

  • Local fruit and vegetable stores often have a large selection of fresh-cut flowers and the prices are better than at a florist, but there is less selection.
  • Supermarkets are a good source of well-priced flowers, but check carefully — they're often past their prime.

Flowers that fit your lifestyle

  • Buy flowers that last a long time, such as chrysanthemums and carnations.
  • Lilies are expensive but last for two weeks and have an intense fragrance (not to everyone's taste) that will fill the whole house.
  • Ensure that you change their water every three days.
  • Not all colours are strongly scented, so before you buy you may want to sort through and select the most fragrant.
  • Freesias are a good choice for a fragrant flower.

Make the most of your cut flowers

  • Buy from a reputable source, and ensure flowers are wrapped for protection before leaving the store.
  • Flowers with firm petals or coloured buds have absorbed enough food to develop fully.
  • Put them in lukewarm water — it has less oxygen, which prevents air bubbles in the stem blocking water uptake.
  • Clean vases thoroughly after use — bacteria kills flowers.
  • Snip stems at an angle under running water to increase the area that can absorb water.
  • Strip off all leaves that would be below the waterline to help keep the water clean.
  • Use flower food as instructed. It contains flower-friendly sugars that encourages buds to open, and preservatives to prolong their life.

Mix up your flower's diet

  • Add a couple of aspirin tablets to the vase.
  • Pop a few drops of lemonade into the water.
  • Add a few drops of bleach to disinfect the water, but don't overdo it or you will kill the flowers.
  • Add a couple of coins — the dissolving minerals are believed to extend the life of flowers.

Healthy, vibrant houseplants

  • Move a potted plant around until you find a spot where the plant is happy.
  • Don't be tempted to water your plant more if it isn't blooming. It may just need a spot in stronger sunlight.
  • Give plants a boost by watering occasionally with leftover cold tea.
  • Cooled water that was used for boiling eggs is full of nutrients.
  • Mix a few tea leaves or coffee grounds into the plant soil to aerate it.

Plants and flowers add much-needed colour and scents to our homes and gardens. Taking care of them may seem like a challenge, but by picking the right plants, and giving them the right diet, your home and garden can have the look and smell you want.

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