A guide to decorating with throws and blankets

Whether you're hunkered down on the couch with a good book or spending a summer evening on the patio, there's nothing nicer than wrapping yourself up in a soft blanket or comfy throw.

A guide to decorating with throws and blankets

For cool summer evenings or during late spring or early fall, there's nothing cozier than a pure wool blanket. And a throw is just right for grabbing and tossing around your shoulders or draping over your knees when you're feeling chilly.


A throw is a medium-sized decorative blanket that's usually on the bed or the couch. Here's what you need to know about choosing the right one:

  • Throws can be made from a variety of materials and may come in different sizes.
  • A two-sided, patterned or coloured throw on the couch lets you change the look of the living room with a flick of the wrist. A larger throw on your bed does the same for your bedroom.
  • Plain-coloured blankets, or two-sided throws with a plain side, can have a balancing effect on colourfully-patterned sofas. Just lay the throw onto the couch with the plain side up.
  • An attractive throw keeps does more than keep your bed clean. When supplemented with the right pillows, a tasteful throw can turn a bed into a comfortable place to sit.
  • Throws need to be laundered frequently — make sure you choose one that is machine-washable. Of course, one that you can tumble dry as well is probably the best way to go, especially during winter months when you can't use your outdoor clothesline.

Wool blankets

  • The traditional wool blanket still has a place in many households. Made of pure sheep's wool, it is wrinkle- and odour-resistant.
  • Merino wool, lambswool, camel hair, alpaca or cashmere blankets are of especially high quality and can't be beat when it comes to keeping you warm and comforable.
  • Don't wash wool blankets — or at least, wash them rarely. Instead, air them out regularly and occasionally brush them out.
  • Blankets made of polyester or fleece have been slowly edging wool out due to their lower price points, but real wool still offers the most warmth.
  • Buy cotton blankets for a solution that is easy to care for, durable, and affordable, even on a small budget. As light blankets, they're suitable for every season of the year. And they are easy as pie to care for: just toss them in the washer, then put them in the dryer. Done.

Fun fact: The pioneers knew the value of insulating layers. Quilts are essentially blankets sewn in three sections, and they're easy enough to recreate. For the display side, use fabric remnants to create a patchwork. The middle layer consists of soft padding and the backing is usually plain. Quilts can be used as bed throws, tapestries, sofa blankets, tablecloths or rugs.

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