A guide to choosing flowers for special events

July 22, 2014

Looking for a tasteful way to add to the decor for your next celebration? Discover what every flower colour means so you can make the right choice.

Anniversaries, weddings, illness, thank you’s, births, condolences, congratulations, or for pure pleasure—the reasons for giving flowers are endless. And not only do they make great events even more memorable, they also give any occasion that unique touch of magic that only real, fresh flowers can.There are just as many flowers for special events as there are special events for flowers!

When flowers speak

Flowers for special events always have a lot to say. To properly select the flowers that will embellish your moments of happiness, let the colours be a part of the celebration.

  • White flowers: symbols of purity, consolation, joy, refinement, and elegance.
  • Yellow flowers: symbols of luxury, glory, success, and prosperity.
  • Orange flowers: symbols of joy, beauty, grandeur, and balance in the soul and the senses.
  • Pink flowers: symbols of youth, gentleness, and affection.
  • Red flowers: symbols of passion, courage, burning love, and ambition.
  • Blue flowers: symbols of purity, tenderness, friendship, and poetry.
  • Purple flowers: symbols of peace, gentleness, generosity, and humility.
  • Green flowers: symbols of hope, joy, and optimism.

Roses, the undisputed queens of the floral kingdom

The rose is the most cultivated flower in the world. It is estimated that there are about 250 rose species, as well as thousands of varieties. And when it’s their turn to speak, they are amazingly eloquent.

  • Rose buds speak of childhood and innocence.
  • White roses speak of purity, innocence, polite love, and interest.
  • Blooming roses speak of womanly beauty.
  • Yellow roses speak of betrayal and breakups.
  • Red roses speak of love and passion.

The florist is your partner

It is perfectly natural to turn to fresh cut flowers to express our feelings to loved ones or valued colleagues. With a floral arrangement, you can express sympathy, affection, love, compassion, gratitude, or regret.

Whether you’re looking for flowers for special events or for everyday ones, flowers are there to help you speak with your heart. Let a florist arrange a beautiful bouquet of flowers for your special event that will surpass your expectations.

A guide to choosing flowers for special events
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