A guide to modern flower arrangements

November 23, 2014

Tired of the usual flowers and the usual vases? Here are some simple ways to update your flower arrangements.
Flowers will always brighten up a room, but sometimes you want something more contemporary than just a bouquet plopped in a vase. Here are some ideas on how you can create unique, modern and updated flower arrangements at home without breaking the bank.
Fruit and flowers
Using fruit like apples, oranges, lemons, or limes in your clear vase can add a pop of colour. It's an original way to create a modern flower arrangement.

Choose a vase that is short and square. Fill the vase halfway with fresh, clean water. Add small, bright red waxed apples to the water. (Don’t put in too many or you won’t be able to get the flower stems in.)

Take two pieces of clear tape and place them across the top of the vase, creating two equal sections. Now take another two pieces of tape and place in the opposite direction, creating a three-by-three grid on the top of vase. The tape will help to hold up your flowers.

Then, take nine large, blooming white carnations and place one in each square. You’ll want to measure the height of the vase and trim the stem (at a 45-degree angle) so that the flower stem goes all the way to the bottom and allows the flower to sit just above the tape.

You can play with the colours in this arrangement. Try yellow lemons with bright red roses, or green limes with white daisies. The possibilities are endless.
Think outside the vase
The typical triangle-shaped bouquet in a vase is a classic look, but if you want to make a more modern design, the key is in the container.

  • Give a boring glass vase some added texture by gluing twigs and sticks around it to form a new nature-inspired container.
  • Take any pretty, shallow bowl and turn it into a perfect flower holder by using the scotch tape grid explained above. Make the grid as big or small as needed and trim the flower stems to the correct length so they fill the bowl and spill over the sides.
  • Spiff up wine or pop bottles by covering them with glue and wrapping brightly coloured yarn around the outside.
  • Add lace and ribbons to the base of a large mason jar to add a touch of whimsy to your arrangement.
A guide to modern flower arrangements
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