A guide to Toronto’s Chinatown neighbourhood

January 24, 2017

A guide to Toronto’s Chinatown neighbourhood

Food and Drink

There is no shortage of delicious bistros, restaurants or bakeries in Chinatown. Not-to-miss gems include:


There are two large malls in Chinatown, Dragon City Mall and Chinatown Centre, where you can buy everything from bras to egg pancakes. For those eager to nab the best deals on cosmetics, Beautyholic is the stop. B & J Trading Company is packed to the rafters with paper products, stationery, and home goods. If you’re a gamer on the hunt for the best board games or miniatures, try Meeplemart. If you’re looking for incense and goods on the cheap, see Chinatown Dollarmart.

Party, bars and play

If you are looking to check out the nightlife around Chinatown, some heavy hitters include:

  • The Silver Dollar Room, a cozy venue to watch local roots, rock and blues music.
  • Grossman’s Tavern is a gritty bar where you can hear live blues with locals.
  • If you are into a more mellow fun, bring your friends to Castle Board Game Cafe for a night of dice rolling and tea drinking.
  • If you’re looking to sing, Dragon City Karaoke & Bar has private rooms for rent, and they serve alcoholic drinks for those who need a little liquid courage.
  • For big banging parties, Comfort Zone hosts wild DJs into the wee hours of the morning.

Toronto’s Chinatown is a shopping hub, a cultural center, and a great place to party with friends. Whether you are interested in art, fashion or gaming, Chinatown is bursting with opportunities for fun.

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