5 SMART car repairs that can help save you money

November 20, 2014

Car repairs costing you too much? The SMART car repair movement can help you save money by using less labour and fewer materials to repair minor damage.
The body of your car has a minor ding but you're reluctant to go to the garage because of the cost.You may be able to breathe a little easier now as the SMART car movement is being embraced by some auto repair shops.

Not smart as in the impossibly small energy-efficient cars (which are also smart) but SMART as in small-to-medium area repair technology (or small accident repair technology).

It's a cost-efficient approach to handling minor vehicle damage, including dents, scuffs, and scratches to panels, bumpers, wheel arches, alloy wheels, and interior trim. The theory is that since the damage is in a small area, it should take less material and labour to repair. A focused minimalist approach to the job should save you money.

Here are some examples of SMART repairs:
1. Bumper scuffs and body scratches
Paintwork damage is the most common form of repair needed to a vehicle. The SMART approach might involve blending new paint and materials into old ones, finishing with a lacquer, to give a “new” finish on the damaged area, instead of the whole panel as might be done in traditional body shops.

Minor dents, from a shopping cart or someone opening their door into your car, can often be repaired without repainting.
2. Alloy wheel refurbishment
Alloy wheels often get scratched and nicked when you pull up too close to the curb. With correct cleaning and sanding before repainting, the wheels can be returned to a shiny, good-as-new look.
3. Side mirrors
Exterior side mirror casings are also prone to scrapes and scratches. SMART techniques can restore them to prime condition.
4. Interiors
Colour-matching to fabric can ensure that small rips or cigarette burns to vinyl, fabric, and leather seats are repaired almost invisibly. The repairs can also prevent small imperfections from turning into something major. Holes on the dashboard caused by the removal of cellphone and GPS cradles can also be repaired, as can minor damage to carpets.

5. Windshield chips

A bit of cleaning, a bit of resin, and a bit of polishing, and presto! Your small windshield ding is gone.

5 SMART car repairs that can help save you money
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