A traveller's guide to hotel tipping

November 26, 2014

Tipping at a hotel can be a mystery: when, who and how much do you tip? To help you avoid embarrassment, here's the traveller's ultimate guide to hotel tipping practices.

A traveller's guide to hotel tipping

In a recent online survey, a third of travellers said they didn't tip their hotel maids because they forgot or didn't know they were supposed to tip hotel staff.

Why do I need to tip hotel staff?

Despite how the hotel industry is booming, hotel staff wages have not had a significant increase in quite some time. Like in the restaurant business, hotel wait staff, room service and housekeeping staff depend on tips to make a living.

Who is hotel staff?

Hotel staff includes housekeeping (maids), bellhops, front desk concierges, room service staff, and valets. Each of them plays a vital role in creating a seamlessly relaxing experience. A tip for them would be very much appreciated.

How much to tip housekeeping staff

The generally accepted etiquette for tipping the housekeeping staff and maids is $2-$5 per night. If you left your room in bad shape, leave a larger tip. If the service has been excellent, consider tipping more to reflect that.

Always tip on a daily basis so that the person who cleaned the room receives the tip. You can also leave a small note that says “Thank you!” with your money, so the maid knows it it for her.

Tipping the concierge

How you tip your hotel concierge is contingent on his level of service. Did the concierge answer a simple question? A $1 tip is sufficient. Did the concierge help you plan an all-day itinerary around the city? Up to $20 is considered acceptable.

Don’t skimp on treating your concierge with respect and gratitude—they can often give you the inside scoop on local-only deals and cool experiences.

Tipping the bellhop

Did you receive assistance carrying your bags in? A hotel bellhop is yet another rarely tipped individual in the hotel staff. It’s polite to tip $1-2 per bag, depending on the level of service and how difficult the bag was to carry.

Tipping the valet

The safety of your car will often lie in the hands of the hotel valet. Tipping your hotel valet, much like tipping a restaurant valet, is expected. Depending on the state of the weather, it’s standard to tip your valet anywhere from $2-5.

Tipping for room service

Just as you would while dining at a restaurant, it’s considered standard courtesy to tip your room service staff 15 per cent of the bill—or $2 at a minimum. Feel free to tip more if you find the service to be speedy, friendly, or better than normal.

Hotel tips are more than just a courtesy. Tipping will help you gain superior service and the insight of the hotel staff. Make your trip memorable—don’t forget to leave a tip!

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