Adult ballet classes offer these 5 advantages

October 13, 2015

Adult ballet classes are a great way to build muscle, reduce stress and improve your posture in a fun and supportive environment. Even if you've never danced before, an adult ballet class can still be an enjoyable way to build exercise into your weekly routine.

Adult ballet classes offer these 5 advantages

1. Dance can be a good form of stress relief

  • Ballet, like other forms of dance, is a great way to relieve stress and express your emotions. Dancing can also release serotonin, which can help improve your moods and overall anxiety.
  • To choose a class that will reduce your stress levels, don't be afraid to visit several studios until you find a good instructor who understands your goals.

2. Ballet classes build better posture

  • Ballet requires excellent core strength and overall body awareness.
  • These two things are often lacking in people with poor posture. In dance class, you'll have an instructor who will help you learn correct posture and build the muscles you need to hold your body upright.
  • You'll also learn how to study your body in the mirror and make useful adjustments to your posture.
  • A straight spine and squared hips are a requirement for all dancers, so you'll get plenty of time to practice. Over time, muscle memory will ensure that you're standing tall all day long.

3. Classes can help you improve your overall focus

  • Remembering specific ballet positions and movements can be challenging, but it's also a good way to improve your focus and memory.
  • Not only will you be responsible for remembering the dance, but you must focus during class to take advantage of the instruction and practice time.
  • Ballet also works both the right and left sides of the brain, which can improve overall daily brain function.

4. Ballet helps build long and lean muscles

  • While ballet dancers are known for being thin, they're also incredibly strong.
  • Unlike the short, large muscles that many bodybuilders create, ballet helps you build lean muscles through repetition rather than weight lifting.
  • Because ballet is a unique full-body exercise, you may find that you're working completely new muscles that you've never used before.

5. Dance will improve your balance and coordination

  • As people age, their balance and coordination often suffers. Ballet helps you build your balance and practice your overall coordination with each movement.
  • Over time, you should see significant improvement as your body adjusts and your muscles learn to work together.

Even if you feel that you're in excellent physical and mental condition, you should still consider taking ballet classes. Ballet offers complete body conditioning, and many athletes use ballet as cross training for another discipline. Once you find a class that you love, you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner.

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