Advice for renting the best moving truck for your needs

November 26, 2014

Renting a moving truck for the first time can be daunting. Here's some advice for renting the best type of moving truck for your needs to ensure you and your possessions arrive safely.

Advice for renting the best moving truck for your needs

When renting, you basically have the choice between two main types of moving trucks:

Main types of trucks

Cube trucks
Generally, this type of truck is used for local moves or when the items to be moved can be accommodated by a smaller trailer.

  • These types of trucks are perfect for students moving into an apartment, or for people moving into a small house.

Semi-trailer trucks
Designed to haul trailers up to 26 feet (eight metres) in length, semi-trailers are ideal for long-distance moves or for moving in a single trip between the old and new address.

  • This type of truck is usually for people who want to move the contents of a large home, and should be driven by a professional, experienced truck driver.

If you realize that you don’t actually have enough stuff to fill a truck, companies rent trailers (opened or closed) that you can tow with your vehicle.

  • The type of trailer you rent will depend on what you need to transport, and also the size of your vehicle.

Making the right choice

Before renting a moving truck, you should realistically evaluate the:

Number of objects to transport
It will be clear from the outset the size of truck you'll need by calculating the number of boxes and pieces of furniture to move.

  • Be aware that some rental companies may recommend one type of truck over another depending on the number of rooms to move.

Distance to be travelled
If you move outside your city or travel a fairly long distance, you will likely do it in one trip.

  • In this case, the capacity of the truck you choose will probably be the most important factor to consider.

To ask before you rent

To avoid surprises, inquire about the following technical aspects before renting your truck:

Number of passengers
Some trucks can only accommodate two passengers.

  • Keep this in mind and plan for a second means of transportation for your family.

The amount of fuel needed
Calculate the amount of fuel that you’ll need to get to your destination, and the amount of fuel that will be needed in the tank before returning it to the rental company.

Required driver's license
Check to see if your license allows you to drive a vehicle that is the size of the truck you’d like to rent.

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