Advice to help you choose the perfect baptism gift

October 14, 2014

Baptisms mark a wonderful milestone for all families. If you're unsure about what to give, here's some tried-and-true advice to help you choose the perfect baptism gift.

Advice to help you choose the perfect baptism gift

Since a baptism generally includes only close family and friends, your presence (and gift) recognize the influence you’ll have on the child’s life. If you’re unsure of a suitable keepsake for the event, here are some traditional and unconventional ideas to help you choose a perfect baptism gift.

A gift of warmth

It’s clear why beautiful, warm blankets are classic baptism gifts. Blankets are practical and affordable—the best of both worlds. Choose a blanket that matches the baby’s room or select a pattern that’s lively and sure to delight.

Get personal with engraving

Personalize a gift and change the ordinary to the extraordinary. Engraving options are available at shops across Canada and can help lend a personal touch to any gift. Choose a simple gift such as a photo frame, cup, or even a Christmas ornament. Then, add a personalized engraving and voilà! You have an instant heirloom.

An eye on the future

In many faiths, baptisms take place in early childhood. Giving the gift may be easiest when you set your eyes on the future and give a gift that the child can appreciate for years to come:

  • Piggy banks: Available in every style imaginable, a piggy bank is a great gift. Teach the importance of smart saving early! As an extra idea, put a few dollars in to get them started.
  • Books: Books are a great investment in a child’s future. Help a young couple build their child’s first library by selecting some of your favourite early childhood titles to give for a baptism.
  • Video recording: With smartphones, capturing life’s important moments is easier than ever. Ask permission and then film a child’s baptism, the celebration afterward, as well as any other important events throughout the day. Speak to the child’s friends and family and record their well wishes. Edit the footage together and preserve a moment in time for decades to come.

Do it yourself

A handcrafted gift may be the best choice of all. Take a moment to search the internet for inspirational gift ideas you can make yourself.

  • Older children who are being baptized might enjoy a baptism goodie bag full of candy and special Bible verses.
  • Simple sewing projects can make for a wonderful gift that will be cherished for years to come. Crafting a pillow is budget-friendly and relatively easy to do. Choose a beautiful fabric and know that your gift will be used with love and appreciation.
  • Have a knack for art? Try writing and illustrating a personalized storybook. Incorporate your favourite quotes and Bible passages and watch the joy on a child’s face to receive such a thoughtful gift on such a special day.

Ideas for adults

Babies and young children aren’t the only people who are baptized! If you know an adult who’s being baptized, consider a gift certificate to a local bookstore. It might also be worthwhile to consider making a charitable contribution in his or her name to commemorate the baptism.

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