All about the mobile car wash

December 18, 2014

Did you know you could get your car wash on wheels? Yes! Mobile car washes will find you and spiff up your hot wheels on location. Find out how it works.

All about the mobile car wash

You don’t have time to go out of your way for a car wash on a regular basis? Don’t want to wait in line with everyone else? Did you know you could get your car wash on wheels? Yes, a mobile car wash will find you and spiff up your hot wheels on location. You won’t need to make time for a special trip, you can just call these guys up and find a time that fits into your schedule.

How it works

Company services usually find your parked car either at home or at the office and wash it while you spend time going about you normal day, at home or at work. The cost will differ if you’re asking for a single car to be washed or if you team up with others for a group deal, say with coworkers who also drive in to work.

Business services

Do you have a fleet of cars that you need washed or spiffed up on a regular basis? Instead of taking the whole gang to the car wash every week, get the car wash to come to you. You may not even need a full cleaning every week. Ask your local mobile car wash company what rates they can offer you for a thorough cleaning or just some quick regular touches.


These will vary from business to business. Some offer special combos too. Here are some things you might expect:

  • Interior vacuuming
  • Exterior hand-washing
  • Wheel and tire shining
  • Deodorizing
  • Waxing
  • Window shining

Look for special packages if you want the works, as you may be able to get a combo deal. Want repeat services? Find out if they offer plans.

Other vehicles and special requests

From trucks to motorcycles to planes, your mobile car wash may offer more than you think. If you have a different request, give them a call and find out what they can do for you. After all, if anyone is in the business of convenience, mobile car washes are the ones.

Just remember to drive safely when you show off those shiny wheels!


Can’t have your car washed at the same time this week? The great thing about mobile car washes is the incredible flexibility they offer. Find out when they’ll be in your neighourhood next and set up a different appointment if your usual schedule doesn’t work. It’s super easy!

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