All the ways a hotel butler can improve your next stay

December 17, 2014

The next time you stay at a luxury hotel, here are the many services that hotel butlers can offer to guests like you.

All the ways a hotel butler can improve your next stay

What is a hotel butler?

When you stay in the laps of luxury, an added perk you may enjoy is a hotel butler. Many of the top hotels around the world indulge their guests with hotel butlers, ready to wait on you. In the hospitality business, the butler has an important role to play. Hotel butlers go beyond the usual concierge service and become personal assistants. Their tasks can range from the mundane to extravagant, whatever the guests need, it's the butler’s job to find a way to fulfill it.

Originally, the word butler was derived from the French word for cupbearer, because for many years butlers were solely in charge of caring for and serving the alcoholic beverages to the masters of the household. Eventually the role of the butler evolved to become the steward of the household. This role was entrusted to a senior male staff member who was responsible enough to run the household, as well as duties outside the home, like financials.

Beginning in the 1920s the need for domestic servants began to decline. By the 1980s there were very few people working as butlers. Now, with economic changes, there has been an increased need for butlers, but the role has changed. The butler no longer works solely in a private household.

What is the role of hotel butler now?

A hotel butler must have varied skills, the most important one is the ability to problem solve to fulfill the needs of guests. Here are just few of the many skills and duties of a butler:

  • Possess a knowledge of the local area, resort, hotel and spa.
  • Be up-to-date on current activities in the hotel, city and country.
  • Have a reliable network of useful contacts.
  • Have knowledge of hotel security and safety.
  • Anticipate guest wants and needs.
  • General administrative duties.
  • Have a detailed knowledge of housekeeping.
  • Handle guest messages and packages.
  • Arrange for pickup of guests from the airport and VIP greetings at the hotel.
  • Maintain a pantry of butler supplies, equipment and materials.
  • Deal with guest reservations at restaurants, spas, etc.
  • Handle guest complaints.
  • Write notes for guests by hand.
  • Welcome guests to their suite and give them a tour.
  • Unpack and pack guests belongings.
  • Have an understanding of garment care and repair.
  • Offer laundry, ironing, and shoe polishing service.
  • Arrange for guests to receive wake-up calls, itineraries, and weather forecasts.
  • Book limousines, aircrafts, and water vehicles.
  • Organize private parties and events.
  • Personal shopping services.
  • Delivery of precious items, drinks, food, flowers, etc.
  • Knowledge of basic hotel technology (computer, DVD, phone, etc.)
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