Answers to your questions about hearing aids

July 10, 2015

If you're looking into getting a hearing aid, here are the answers to the questions you're probably wondering about.

Answers to your questions about hearing aids

Does hearing loss occur suddenly or gradually?

The answer to that question is both, although it is more likely that hearing loss will occur gradually. This is one of the primary reasons that hearing problems sometimes become quite serious before one realizes that it needs addressing. If you think that your ability to hear well has diminished, answer the following:

  • Do you ask people to repeat themselves?
  • Do you have trouble in conversations with more than one person?
  • Have you ever been asked to lower the volume of your television and/or radio?
  • Do you find it difficult to ­­­understand childrens' voices?
  • Do you regularly hear ringing or buzzing sounds?

If you answered "yes" to one or more of these questions, you should consider having your hearing tested.

Will a hearing aid improve my quality of life?

If you suffer from hearing loss, a hearing aid may improve your hearing, and if that is the case, there will be noticeable improvement in overall quality of life. With the ability to communicate fully, relationships will improve, and there will be a renewed sense of control and increased social participation.

Will my hearing be better with hearing aids for both ears?

That depends on the severity of your hearing loss. Some users believe that using two results in better hearing, but remember that your hearing needs will likely differ for each ear.

Will noisy places affect my ability to hear?

While no hearing aids can block all background sounds, some brands and models can filter some background noises typically found in restaurants, bars and other social settings.

What is the availability of financial assistance or subsidies for purchasing hearing aids?

The general cost of a hearing aid depends on a number of factors. Whether the hearing aid is analog or digital will affect the price, as will special features, technology levels and services associated with the product. Because health care is a provincial responsibility, subsidies and types of hearing aids eligible for assistance can vary widely from province to province.

The Canadian Hard of Hearing Association states: "For individuals who are hard of hearing, access to assistive devices can be difficult. There are various programs in place through the government of Canada that aid in the funding of these devices; eligibility varies from program to program."

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