Are you ready to renovate your kitchen?

August 10, 2014

The kitchen is the single most important renovation a homeowner can undertake. Learn everything you need to know about how to get the job done.

You have a lot of options depending on your budget, time and patience. You can go with a general contractor who will take care of everything, or you can manage subcontractors yourself. You might even choose to do the re-modelling on your own, relying on your knowledge and manual skills.

The golden rules of kitchen renovations

  • Before proceeding, make a detailed assessment to evaluate your needs.
  • Firstly, estimate the cost of renovating including collect bids, price materials, new appliances, fixtures and other design details such as tiling.
  • Make a clear plan and scale it to the dimensions of the room. This will really help you and the subcontractors you hire.
  • Make sure you get more than one quote. You need to compare, among other things, rates and services provided. You’ll find that some are much more generous than others.
  • To ensure the work, it's recommended to hire certified builders recognized by an association.
  • Even if you think you've thought of everything, prepare for the unexpected and adjust your slush fund accordingly.
  • Consult with a carpenter, contractor or architect before moving or knocking down walls.

Kitchen renovation tips

  • Renting a container to store the waste material is a good value. Take this opportunity to do your spring cleaning (or fall cleaning). You’ll get more for your money and maximize your spending.
  • Value convenience over aesthetics. Kitchen storage is crucial. Take inventory of what you have and make sure to have enough drawers and cabinet space. Also keep the layout in mind to ensure that everything is in its proper place (e.g., drawers for cooking utensils and spices located next to the oven and cooktop).
  • All plumbing and electrical rewiring should be referred to a specialist. The work will be guaranteed and you’ll avoid issues with your insurance company.
  • Install dimmers and more than one switch to control the light source.
  • If you install ceramics, either on the floor, the walls, or both, make sure to shellac and seal the porous surfaces of the grout and tile. This will make the surfaces resistant to odours, and food and grease stains.


  • There are specific paints designed for kitchens and bathrooms. They're durable, resilient and easier to clean.
  • A silicone seal is a must to prevent water seepage around the sink, cooktop and even around the joints and seams between the walls and countertop.
  • Foresee a central lighting source as well as lighting above work stations e.g., the sink, the oven, the island.
  • Remember that little details make a big impact.
  • Power outlets on either side of the island to plug in small appliances (blender, food processor, slow cooker, etc.)
  • A quality exhaust hood to effectively remove cooking odours.
  • A breakfast nook for the toaster, coffee maker and other appliances and items.
  • A space reserved for cookbooks and wine bottles.
Are you ready to renovate your kitchen?
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