Art in Toronto: Spaces to get you inspired

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Toronto is a North American Mecca for innovative art galleries, tech-based maker spaces, craft supplies stores and captivating art events. The following is a list to keep you artistically inspired all-year long, whether you are making art - or just appreciating it. [Image credit:]

Art in Toronto: Spaces to get you inspired


Makerspaces are all the craze these days, as Toronto develops into an international tech-hub. Check out MakeWorks for all your 3D printing and laser-cutting needs or Hacklab.TO for programming and group hacking sessions (newcomers welcome Tuesday nights). If you are less electronically oriented, try Paper House Studios for workshops in embroidery, paper cutting and printing, or The Shop for ceramic and crafting classes. If that’s not enough, The Toronto Library offers a list of even more makerspaces in Toronto.

Craft stores and art stores

Because what’s an artist without their tools?


From smaller indie art hubs, such as hipster hotspots, 811 and Milk Glass, to heavier hitters, like The Powerplant, Toronto is packed with extremely diverse gallery spaces for all tastes. Located in a former industrial area around Sterling road, The developing Sterling Art and Design District is worth checking out (especially 276 Sterling Studio for filmmaking, Black Cat Artspace for activism-based art shows and Gallery TPW for media installations). The Aga Khan is another great option, especially for those interested in Islamic artists, as is the Clint Roenisch Gallery for avant-garde exhibitions. For modern art enthusiasts, check out our list of cool contemporary galleries in the west end.

Community Hubs

Toronto is filled with spaces to connect, collaborate and create:

Needless to say, if you’re an artist in the 6, your options for creativity are boundless. Whether stocking up on sweet supplies, taking a class in landscape painting, or attending a weekly art class, you’re sure to find inspiration somewhere in our art-soaked city.

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