Awesome gift ideas for little girls aged 6 to 9

January 12, 2015

With so many occasions to celebrate, you might think you’ve run out of gift ideas. We’re here to help with suggestions based on each personality type.

Awesome gift ideas for little girls aged 6 to 9

The intellectual

For little ladies with an active and curious mind, an encyclopedia set is a good investment that will serve them for years to come.

  • Why not mix it up with cartoons and comic books? If your little intellectual likes games, buy her a Rubik’s cube, or a chessboard and a chess handbook.
  • What about a small microscope and slides to examine organisms she finds in nature, a gift no budding scientist should be without.
  • Other educational gift ideas include an interactive atlas, globe, or a mini-planetarium projector.

The princess

Is your little girl a princess?

  • If so, she’ll be delighted by a fancy dress, hair accessories and clip-on extensions, a brush and mirror set, or even perfume and glittery makeup.
  • A jewelry box for keepsakes like necklaces, bracelets and rings is another great idea.
  • Depending on her age, dolls and a dollhouse, or a voice-activated talk toy may be in order.

The athlete

For energetic little girls, think about outdoor activities.

  • Consider a bike, scooter, a toboggan, ice skates, rollerblades, a soccer ball, an inflatable bouncy structure or mini-trampoline.

The socialite

Little girls develop social skills at an early age. They love having sleepovers and entertaining their guests with all sorts of games.

  • If this rings true for your daughter, then she will certainly appreciate a small camera and an album to store her photos.
  • Play dates are even more fun with board games, a portable karaoke machine, and tea sets.
  • Don’t forget a collapsible indoor tent for sleepovers.

The artist

You may awaken a hidden artistic ability by offering her a set of paint brushes, colourful paints and an easel.

  • If she prefers drawing, give her a set of good quality pencils and a sketchbook.
  • On the other hand, if she's more attracted to performance arts and theatre, nothing beats dressing up in costumes.

The architect

While on the subject of dress up, she might enjoy recreating a hair and beauty salon with play sets and kid-friendly accessories.

  • Finally, for a little girl with a knack for aesthetics, a junior interior designer will love brightening up her room with beautiful decorations.

The introvert

If your daughter tends to be the quiet type and feels most at home alone in her room, buy her jigsaw puzzles, word games and activity books.

  • If she has a gentle personality, she’ll love the idea of journaling her thoughts and confiding in a diary.

The technophile

We live in the digital age, and little girls can too fall prey to the massive appeal of electronics and gadgets.

  • For music lovers, you can’t go wrong with an mp3 player and earphones.
  • Gaming consoles, video games, audiobooks and educational tablets are great gift ideas that are sure to be a big hit.
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