Baby's first birthday: tips for hosting a first birthday party

November 3, 2015

In just 365 days, you've watched your tiny newborn grow into a curious, inquisitive and engaging baby. Your youngster's first birthday party should commemorate this milestone birthday with food, fun and festivity that you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Baby's first birthday: tips for hosting a first birthday party

Choose your inspiration

  • First birthday celebrations do not have to adhere to a rigid theme, but themes can also guide your party decor, activities and more.
  • Think about what your youngster likes. Perhaps he has a favourite book, such as Pat the Bunny, that you read every night.
  • Maybe she is enamoured with balloons, butterflies or buses. A favourite character, story, toy or animal can serve as the inspiration for your party decor.
  • For one-year-olds who love ladybugs, you can choose a black and red colour palette for your decor and choose a ladybug-shaped cake for your guests to enjoy.
  • If you don't want to plan the party around your youngster's favourites, choose a colour scheme or pattern — such as stripes or polka dots — to guide your decor, from the invitations to the centrepieces and party favours.

Commemorate milestones

  • Your one-year-old has come a long way since the day he or she was born. Reflect on his or her first year with creative decorations.
  • Create a photo collage featuring photographs of your youngster throughout his or her first 12 months of life.
  • Use a chalkboard or poster board to display all of your youngster's firsts, from the time he or she got his first tooth to the first words, steps and more.
  • Centrepieces can display photographs of your growing baby as well.

Be realistic

  • It's easy to let a first birthday celebration become a big event. After all, you want to celebrate the big day with family and friends.
  • Find a venue that can support your guest list. Don't let your guest list become overwhelming. Limit your menu to those food items you can prepare and afford.
  • If you do not want to serve dinner to 40 folks, host a late morning or mid-afternoon party instead, which would require less food.
  • Nix the kid entertainment if you'll have just a few kids at the party. Finally, create a budget so that you can focus your spending on those essential party elements.


  • Look back on your youngster's first year at a party that celebrates milestones and is inspired by his or her favourite things.
  • By creating a realistic party plan, you can ensure that your one-year-old, family and friends enjoy celebrating the birthday boy or girl.
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