Beautiful container bouquets in 5 easy steps

October 9, 2015

Container bouquets can add colour and texture to any space, inside or outdoors. Here's how to build a stunning arrangement.

Beautiful container bouquets in 5 easy steps

1. Start with the tallest plants

The tallest plants in a container combination usually have correspondingly large root masses. It's best to set taller plants in place first. Then, surround them with the smaller and easier-to-handle plants.

2. Think about the viewing angle

  • The container's viewing angle ultimately determines where these plants will all be placed.
  • If the container will be viewed from all sides, you'll want to place the tallest plants in the centre of the container.
  • If the pot will be placed against a wall, hedge or other background, then set the tallest plants toward the rear of the container. Fill in around the sides and front with shorter plants.

3. Move on to the fillers

  • Plant the fillers next. Be sure to give enough room for these medium-height, bushy plants to spread out as they grow and mature.
  • Because you want these filler plants to be very bushy, consider pinching them back lightly after transplanting, even if this delays flowering by a few weeks.

4. Give it an overflowing look

  • Your aim is to create a lush, overflowing floral bouquet, but you should not completely cover up the pot.
  • Tuck cascading plants just inside the rim of the container.
  • Fine-textured cascading plants, such as lobelia or sweet alyssum, form large flowery masses. You may need only one or two to balance a container planting.
  • When using plants that grow into long, sparse tendrils, plan to include three or more of them in your masterpiece.

5. Use complementary colours

  • Use plants with soft, neutral colours to tame fiery-coloured companions, such as red geraniums or bright yellow marigolds.
  • Neutral plants also add a light-reflecting twinkle to patio container combinations that are intended to be viewed in the evening.
  • Grey-leaved dusty miller, white-flowered sweet alyssum or vinca (Vinca major) are all good choices for neutral colourings.

Container bouquets let you create beautiful arrangements of living colour. To make the best arrangements, arrange plants in order of height. Then, be sure to keep the viewing angle in mind as you fill out the bouquet.

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