Bed and breakfasts: 6 reasons they're perfect for travellers

December 17, 2014

For anyone wanting a getaway, a bed and breakfast is often superior to staying at a traditional hotel. Here are six reasons they're perfect for travellers.

Bed and breakfasts: 6 reasons they're perfect for travellers

1. They're much less expensive

Bed and breakfasts can end up being quite a bit cheaper to stay at than hotels. As with hotels, you’ll have to shop around. The season will also dictate prices.

  • For the most part, travellers can snag really good deals opting for a B&B.

2. The have plenty of amenities

Like a hotel, bed and breakfasts also offer amenities included in the room fee.

  • Most B&Bs offer free Wi-Fi and unlimited fresh coffee refills.
  • You will also have your own parking spot without the pricey parking fees associated with hotels.

3. You'll receive personal attention

Bed and breakfast owners will be knowledgeable about their community, giving their guests valuable nuggets of sightseeing information. They’ll direct guests to attractions off the beaten path, including where to find discounts.

  • They understand how to keep a tourist feeling welcomed, comfortable and entertained.

4. They're found worldwide

Bed and breakfasts can be found all over the world and vary in terms of their quality and service levels.

  • Like hotels, B&Bs are rated by international standards that offer the prospective guest a benchmark.
  • Most owners have a website where you can review the place and learn what is offered and pricing.

5. They're amazingly comfortable

In most cases, guests can expect to stay in a room that feels more like someone’s bedroom than a standard hotel room. It may even have a fireplace and private bathroom.

  • Occasionally guests have to share bathrooms, so be sure you are comfortable with that notion before booking.
  • Some bed and breakfasts have a common room where you can watch TV, connect to the Internet or relax with your favourite beverage.
  • Bed and breakfasts specialize in home cooking, especially breakfast. Guests can expect to wake up to the wonderful aromas of breakfast being prepared by the owners.

6. You'll feel right at home

The service provided at a bed and breakfast is designed to be personal, unique and friendly. Since the owners usually also live there, you will likely be greeted and treated with a much more personal touch.

  • Whether you're traveling solo, for business, or with your family, when you stay at a bed and breakfast you will be treated more like a house guest than a hotel customer!
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