Before you buy: tips for choosing truck tires that last

November 25, 2014

Trucks have tires adapted for their purpose and function. Before you buy, here are some tips for choosing truck tires that will maximize your vehicle's performance.

Before you buy: tips for choosing truck tires that last

Choosing the right tires

All tires have features designed to fit the type of vehicle they carry. You need to identify what type of truck you have, and know how you plan to use it before choosing a set of tires.

If you have a cargo van driven primarily on paved roads: you will need a sturdy tire that provides good traction in both wet and dry conditions, while carrying a moderately heavy load. The right tire will allow you to maximize your vehicle’s use.

If your truck is considered to be in the heavy-duty class: you should select tires not only adapted to driving conditions, but also to the average cargo weight you carry. The ideal tire for this type of vehicle is fitted with extra air chambers (extra air reservoirs under the surface of the tire) to make it more resistant to air leakage when carrying heavy loads.

Then again, you also need to consider the millage you travel when selecting the right tires.Long distance driving can significantly reduce the lifespan and load bearing ability of heavy-duty tires.

Maintaining truck tires

Proper maintenance of your truck tires is essential. What's more, it will you save money in the long run: you'll enjoy better fuel economy and improved performance on the road. Plus, they won't need to be replaced as often.

Proper maintenance includes:

  1. Controlling air pressure in the tire: Its best to check the air pressure of your tires regularly. Stress on the sidewall of a tire that is too soft can cause the temperature of the air to spike, which could cause blowout.
  2. Checking the tread grooves: The depth of the tread grooves is a good indicator of the degree of wear and tear. If the depth of the grooves between the treads is too shallow, the vehicle’s traction is reduced and your safety compromised.
  3. Regular tire rotation: The rate of wear is different for each tire. To ensure a more even wear, it’s recommended to rotate them regularly so they last longer.

Consider expert advice

Consult with an expert when selecting new tires, especially if you’re inexperienced and have never made this type of investment before. A mechanic can recommend the right tires, taking into account the dimensions, widths, and tread patterns best suited for your ride. They can also explain proper tire maintenance practices.

Moreover, in case of puncture or uneven wear, the mechanic will tell to you with certainty whether the tire must be repaired or replaced. In the former case, a specialized mechanic can replace the tread pattern of the worn tire, which is a cost-effective and durable alternative to buying a new one.

The tires on your truck are the main point of contact with the road. Choose your tires well and treat them kindly, and in return you'll receive many miles of reliable motoring.

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