Benefits of different types of awnings

November 3, 2015

Benefits of different types of awnings

Awnings can help protect patio furniture and flooring from the sun and weather. There are a few different types of awnings and each has different advantages.

Benefits of different types of awnings

Stationary awnings

Stationary awnings are permanently attached to the wall. They are usually built on a welded frame and are not meant to move. If you are looking for a permanent addition to your home, this is a good choice. They are sturdy and very long-lasting and offer full weather protection. However, they require more maintenance because the weather can rust and damage them. They also can't be moved or oriented differently.

Retractable awning

Retractable awnings attach to your home as well, but they can be opened or retracted to provide varying degrees of coverage. Many retractable awnings open with motorized controls while others are opened with a hand crank. They are great because they can be retracted in bad weather to avoid damage and the frame requires less maintenance than stationary awnings. However, they don't hold up well to bad weather and can be more expensive than stationary awnings.

Types of covers

Awning covers usually come in either polyester or cotton. Polyester covers are designed to hold up better to inclement weather and they also block out UV rays to protect you from the sun. They are breathable and easy to maintain. Cotton covers are a more traditional option and they are strong, durable and water resistant. Most cotton covers require machine washing.

Other features

In addition to being motorized, some awnings have other great features, too. Many have wind, rain and sun sensors that can automatically retract the awning when the weather gets bad. It's convenient because you don't have to rush out to retract the awning when there is a storm and it also helps protect the awning from nasty weather.

Getting an awning installed at your home is fairly simple and can allow you to make more use of outdoor spaces and also block sun to keep it from fading your outdoor furniture and flooring.

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