Benefits of private piano lessons at home

November 3, 2015

Benefits of private piano lessons at home

Here are some reasons why private piano lessons at home are a good thing for you and your child, together with tips on how to proceed.

Benefits of private piano lessons at home

Secure environment

Preschool children will almost certainly feel more relaxed and comfortable at home, learning in a familiar environment, perhaps with a parent at home. Especially in the early days of taking lessons, it's important to keep an eye on your child's comfort level and how he or she interacts with their teacher. Any frustrations or fears felt by your child will impact their ability to learn, and — more importantly — could demotivate them from future musical education.


If your child takes lessons in a music store or at a teacher's home or studio, you may not be able to monitor their progress and additional time will be spent ferrying the child to and from lessons. Private lessons at home will also mean that your child is both learning and practising on the same piano, not two different instruments. Another bonus is that learning and practising at home will allow other family members to participate in the musical fun, providing a shared family activity while giving your child a chance to shine.

Tips for getting started

If you don't have a piano, you will need to get one. An acoustic piano with a sounding board and metal strings is best, although if finances are tight, you can use an electric or other portable instrument until your child's skill increases. Until you and your child decide the piano is a good fit, it may be advisable to rent or buy a second hand instrument.

Also, you will need to choose a teacher. Ask friends or your child's teachers for recommendations. Then talk to several teachers and let your child meet them before deciding.

Private piano lessons are a great way to get your child started in musical education, as they offer a secure learning environment and the convenience of having the teacher come to you. Begin by buying or renting a piano and finding a teacher that is a good fit for your child.

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