Best at-home karaoke options

November 3, 2015

The best karaoke machine

Before hosting your karaoke party, do your research and find a karaoke machine that will blow your guests' minds. When selecting a retail karaoke machine, choose one with dual-mic ports, good sound or a place to connect external speakers and a vocal-out option. With this option the machine will minimise the volume of the vocal part of any given song, allowing you to use any MP3 you like as a karaoke track.

Best at-home karaoke options

Dual microphones

What good is a karaoke party if you can't have a duet, or better yet, a battle! For this you'll need a karaoke machine with a two mic output and two good microphones. Choose microphones with noise cancelling to avoid feedback or interference. Microphones with built-in effects such as echos, autotunes and a multi-voice chorus can add a cool element to your performance.

Speakers and amplifier

This is the best addition to any karaoke party! The sound makes the song and the song makes the party. Make your party memorable with the best sound on the block. If your karaoke machine allows for external speakers, look at the output and input max levels printed on the back of the unit. Next, search for speakers within this range that have the  amplifier in/out, wireless connection and sub-woofer. An external amplifier maximises each sound and effect.

Large HD TV

Nowadays, it's possible to connect your Karaoke to a TV. If you want to make an impact, find a TV that's compatible with your smart karaoke machine. Preferably, one that has a large screen and 3D capability.

Internet connectivity

Now this is something new and exciting to add to your karaoke party. YouTube is one of the most widely used social networks in the world. Everyday, people record their most memorable moments and upload them for the world to share -- why not do this at your next party? If your computer, TV or machine has a webcam, hook it up, connect to the Internet and start recording. Once you're finished, you can upload your clips directly to YouTube.

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