5 baby shower gifts new dads will love

Baby showers are a great way to celebrate a newborn's upcoming birth, but sometimes dads get overlooked. Here are some baby shower gift ideas a dad will love.

5 baby shower gifts new dads will love

1. Daddy diaper bag

Dad's going to be on diaper duty, too, but chances are he won't want to carry around a flowery diaper bag when he's out and about with the little one.

  • You can order him a masculine diaper bag that he can tote around so he feels great.
  • He'll look forward to using one with his favourite sports team on it or one that boasts a cool colour scheme.

2. Tool kit

DIY dads might be working to get all the baby furniture in order at home, so a new tool kit could come in handy.

  • Building cribs and rocking chairs and fixing things around the house requires some basic tools, so you should find an all-in-one kit that includes everything from screwdrivers to a level.
  • With this, he'll be able to tackle any and all baby projects.

3. Parenting books

He may have already started reading some literature on becoming a new parent, but if he hasn't, a baby shower is a great time to give him a book or two.

  • There are plenty of informative ones to choose from that provide tips on everything from how to change diapers to dealing with teething, feeding and crying.

4. Memory-foam pillow

Dad will probably have a few sleepless nights in the months after the baby is born.

  • A memory-foam pillow makes a great gift because it gives him a chance to enjoy the sleep he does get. He'll thank you when his head hits the pillow and he falls right to sleep.

5. New camera

A new dad is going to want plenty of pictures so he can remember the early years of his baby's life.

  • A new camera will ensure that he's able to get great shots of his new family and share them with friends.

Remember: soon-to-be fathers also deserve some of the baby shower spotlight! These gifts will smooth the journey for new dads while making them even more excited about becoming a father.

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