The three best cities in Canada for retirees

November 3, 2015

If you're looking to retire, check out these three cities

Weather, cost of living and access to social activities are high on the list when deciding which are the best cities in Canada for retirees. Find out where they are, and what they offer those ready to get the best out of retirement.

The three best cities in Canada for retirees

Halifax, N.S

Although it's the capital of Nova Scotia, the city of Halifax is still a relatively small city with a population just under half a million people. With a tight and compact downtown, a surprisingly large arts scene and cultural calendar, and miles of hiking trails just outside of town, Halifax provides a very cosmopolitan setting for seniors who want to stay active both physically and socially. Halifax also boasts "one of the largest concentrations of health care facilities and specialists in Canada," according to the Greater Halifax Partnership. The surrounding province of Nova Scotia is also home to some of Canada's most fascinating cultural and natural areas, including Cape Breton Island, where traditional Celtic music lives in small villages that dot the rugged coastline.

Calgary, Alberta

The largest city in Alberta landed second place on Money Sense's top list of the best retirement destinations for 2014 for a handful of reasons. Low property taxes and home prices yet all the big city amenities factor in as the prime motivators, but the city also has a unique cultural scene and an abundance of nearby natural attractions. Calgary is a true musical mecca, with everything from the Honens International Piano Competition to the Calgary Stampede, flooding the city with talent and fans throughout the year. Just outside of town, the mighty Canadian Rockies host the magnificent national parks of Jasper and Banff, where emerald lakes and alpine splendour awaits.

Windsor, Ontario

Actually sitting closer to the equator than Detroit, Michigan, the city of Windsor is the southernmost city of any size in the entire country. The good news for retirees, besides the splendid summer weather and the mild winters — compared to the rest of Ontario anyway — is that the city is actively supporting initiatives to turn the area into a retirement haven. Nicknamed the "City of Roses," Windsor is dotted with picturesque green spaces, including along the waterfront that hosts bike trails and sculpture gardens.

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