Best motorcycle road trips

November 3, 2015

The best motorcycle road trips from California to Australia

For a true motorcyclist, there are few things better than the open road and the following destinations represent the five best motorcycle road trips from California to Australia.

Best motorcycle road trips

1. Great Ocean Road in Melbourne, Australia

Although this trip is only 180 miles and takes just one day, don't let the duration fool you into thinking that the Great Ocean Road isn't worth a visit. Running from Melbourne to Petersborough, you'll experience spectacular ocean scenery with the wind in your hair. Along the way, you'll wind through a variety of vegetation, including a rain forest along the shoreline, limestone glaciers and the notorious Shipwreck Coast.

2. Pacific Coast Highway in California

California may be the most populated state in America, but along the Pacific Coast Highway you'll feel like you are riding in an unpopulated space. Stretching more than 200 miles from San Luis Obispo to San Francisco, this trip will have motorcyclists navigating through hairpin turns that overlook the Pacific Ocean before departing into a vast oasis of redwood forests, isolated beaches and spectacular wildlife.

3. Mae Hong Son Loop in Thailand

In many Asian countries, the motorcycle or scooter is the vehicle of choice because it is easy to navigate in congested streets. On the Mae Hong Son Loop you won't have to deal with crowded streets as you make your way through the estimated 1,100 hairpin turns that snake through Thailand's rocky landscape. Get ready for a nerve-wracking trip as you pass through local villages, mountainous caves and spectacular waterfalls.

4. Prudhoe Bay in Alaska

Best tackled only by experienced motorcyclists, Prudhoe Bay will test even the best drivers with rocky terrain that is prone to Alaska's extreme weather. Designed for a true adventurer, this trip will take you along bumpy roads that twist and turn through Alaska's most famous national parks, like Denali and Gates of the Arctic. Due to the risks, riders may want to consider going with a travel company that coordinate everything from travel to food to repairs for your motorcycle.

5. Istanbul to Anatolia, Turkey

Voyage back in time to the 1500's with a trip stretching more than 1,800 miles from Istanbul to Anatolia. Begin your visit to Turkey in Istanbul, where you can join thousands of local residents in exploring the city's hidden wonders, such as the Blue Mosque, from the saddle of a motorcycle. On the way to Anatolia, keep your eyes peeled in the Cappadocia Region to see homes built directly into the side of the rock and the spectacular views of the Black Sea.

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