Best tips for finding the perfect playpen for your kids

Whether it's in your home or on the go, a playpen or play yard can turn unfamiliar territory into a safe and fun environment for young children.

Best tips for finding the perfect playpen for your kids

Playpen styles:

Classic play yard: This versatile piece of nursery furniture is usually a simple square or rectangle with mesh sides and an open top. They are colourful and may come with toys to keep children entertained or lull them to sleep.

Travel crib: Travel cribs combine the perks of a classic play yard with a lightweight design for easy portability.

Panel playpen: Panel playpens are made of separate panels that can be joined to form different shapes. The panels often have built-in pictures and games. These playpens are great for children who are old enough to sit up and play independently.

Playpen features

Consider these playpen features so that you and your child are happy with your purchase:

Changing Table: A changing table can be included and mounted on the top rails of a playpen. This is convenient when you're short of space or travelling.

Bassinet: A playpen with bassinet that can be mounted to the rails is great for smaller babies of three months or less.

Toys: The best playpen is one where your child feels safe and happy. Familiar toys can calm a crying or frightened baby or keep a child entranced for hours. Some playpens feature games like tick-tack-toe or fun lights and sound effects.

Wheels: Wheels with a locking mechanism are great for moving your playpen from room to room, so your baby can enjoy the playpen in any area.

Factors to consider

Consider these additional factors before purchasing a playpen:

Portability: The playpen should fold easily and fit in the trunk of a car without too much fuss. An easily portable playpen or travel crib makes even a scary new place familiar and comfortable for your baby.

Safety: A playpen gives your child a safe place to play. If your house is not baby-proofed, a playpen is an especially good idea. A playpen will put a parent's mind at ease while stepping away to use the washroom or take a phone call. Make sure that your playpen bears the statement “This product complies with the requirements of the Playpens Regulations (Canada).”

Outdoor Use: Some playpens can be used outdoors and are great when taking the family out to the park. They may be extra durable and feature a collapsible canopy for sun protection.

Playpens have been offering peace of mind to parents for many years while providing their children with a cozy play area. Keep in mind the types of playpens that are available so your child can feel safe and happy anywhere.

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