4 fun ways to organize your bookshelf

November 6, 2014

Having a nicely organized collection of books adds a personal touch to your decor and ensures that you're always able to find something to read.

4 fun ways to organize your bookshelf

The best way to organize books

Finding the best way to organize books can be a burden if you don't have a plan. Stacking them sloppily on a shelf can make your home feel cluttered and unattractive. So what's the best way to organize a bookshelf? By keeping both its aesthetic and function in mind.

1. Alphabetically

One of the easiest and best ways to organize a bookshelf is similar to the method used in libraries and bookstores.

  • You can choose to organize a bookshelf from A to Z by the author's last name or title of the book.

2. Genre

If you like to read particular genres, you might appreciate being able to find a book you want based on its category.

  • Breaking books down into fiction, non-fiction and poetry, and then into sub-categories like mystery, romance, comedy and cooking, will make it easier for you to grab the book you need.
  • This is especially helpful for avid readers with many books to arrange.

3. Colour

An old trend that's coming back is organizing bookshelves by colour.

  • This provides many different options and also contributes to the look and feel of a home.
  • If your bookshelf is in a prominent space like the living room or dining room, colour coding can make the shelf very attractive.
  • You can turn your bookshelves into a rainbow or feature colours that match the decor of the rest of the room.

4. Emotional response

A somewhat unusual way to organize books is based on how they made you feel.

  • Book lovers know that friends often aren't as interested in subject matter as they are in where the story will take them.
  • When your friend or family member asks you to recommend a sad book or a happy one, you'll be able to grab one straight off the shelf.

Personal preference

Finding the best way to organize a bookshelf greatly depends on personal preference. Try a few different methods and you're sure to find the system that works for you.

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