Beyond romance: how to spot Romanesque and Gothic architecture and mend a broken heart

From architecture to relationships romance is everywhere, but it isn't everything! Look beyond romance with these tips that will help you recognize Romanesque and Gothic architecture and mend a broken heart.

Beyond romance: how to spot Romanesque and Gothic architecture and mend a broken heart

Romanesque and Gothic architecture

Architecture in the Middle Ages (the period between the end of the Roman Empire and the Renaissance) is best assessed by looking at windows.

  • If a cathedral, for example, has small windows with a rounded top, set in thick walls — a continuation from Roman architecture — it's built in the Romanesque style. Such windows were the first experiments in getting light into heavy buildings without compromising their structural integrity.
  • Romanesque leads seamlessly into Gothic. The earliest true Gothic windows are pointed at the top, like the prow of a ship. This simple shape was later elaborated upon to create large windows that incorporate tracery of great complexity and beauty — like delicate lace wrought in stone and glass.
  • This same airy delicacy is found in other aspects of High Gothic buildings: high roofs, and elegant buttresses, like external ribs — as if the building had been pared back to its skeleton.
  • Gothic forms were revived in the 18th and 19th centuries, particularly in public buildings, such as museums and churches. This Neo-Gothic style began in Britain and spread across the world.

Mend a broken heart

When the one who you lived for rejects you, it's tempting to wallow in pity or stew in a fury, but, in fact, it's time to live for yourself. Beware of falling for someone new on the rebound — learn to love yourself again first.

  • Draw support from friends and loved ones and make an effort to make yourself feel good. Eat well, get dressed up — even for a shopping trip — and hold your head high. Literally! It works.
  • Get some exercise. Walking or dancing will boost mood-enhancing endorphins and your self-image. Fill your weekends with activities you enjoy.
  • Make a list of all that's good about you and all that's bad about your ex. Remind yourself of your own worth and try to avoid romanticizing the past.

Move away from romance with these easy tips! In no time you'll be able to recognize Romanesque and Gothic architecture and overcome your heartbreak.

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