Big cost-saving benefits of awnings

November 3, 2015

Awnings come in all shapes and sizes, you can get savings on your cooling bills and a more comfortable environment. Whether it's for your home or business, awnings are ideal solutions.

Big cost-saving benefits of awnings

How to use awnings to reduce energy costs

  • Awnings are a great addition to a home or business.

They can be an attractive accessory to a home and also make an outdoor space more habitable by providing shade and protection from the weather.

  • There are also many ways that awnings can help you save on energy bills.

Reducing light through windows

One of the biggest contributions to a hefty energy bill is the heat that sunlight produces when it shines through your windows.

  • You end up spending extra money to cool your home because the sunlight passing through the glass heats the room.
  • Awnings can help reduce the amount of money you spend on cooling your home by up to 15 percent in hot climates.
  • They hang over windows and absorb the heat from the sun instead of letting it flood into your house. You get to reap the benefits of a cooler home throughout the spring and summer.

Reducing the need for cooling on your patio

Sitting on your patio in the direct sunlight can cause you to become extremely overheated.

  • If your patio or outdoor space is an area that you like to use frequently, this means that you might need a fan or some kind of appliance to keep you cool while you're outside.
  • Having an awning will provide protection from the sun so that you don't have to spend money running costly appliances outdoors to cool down the area.
  • It's a great alternative to other forms of sun protection and also blocks harmful UV rays from damaging your skin.

Draws in new business

For small businesses, an awning is not only a great way to protect your storefront from sunlight and weather damage, it also draws in new business.

  • Many businesses opt for a big sign or LED light to attract new customers. Powering these can be very expensive and can increase your energy bill by a considerable amount. Having an awning has the same effect but only requires the initial setup cost so you can continue to save on your energy bill.
  • Awnings are easy to install and maintain, plus they help you lower your energy costs, which is in turn great for the environment.
  • Contact a local awning supplier to ask about prices for setting up an awning on your home or business.
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